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My Simple Solution for NEVER Forgetting Your Frickin’ Pedals Again!

December 2014

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it freaking happened again… I broke down my Trek this morning, excited for a lunchtime rendezvous with my trainer. Carefully placed my bike, shoes, clothes and trainer in my truck and headed down to the office… Smiling the whole way. I arrived at my office at 6:15, rarin’ to go, pulled my bike out of the back and what do I see? Frickin’ crank arms with no pedals in them. UGH!

I rode my Venge yesterday.

I’d had enough. Here’s my solution to this ridiculous problem that has plagued me three times (!) this year:

First, check the slush fund… Second, head down to the bike shop and pick up a new pair of pedals that perfectly match your bike:

Next, head home and install them on your “A” bike, placing the old pedals in the box and on your briefcase so you don’t freaking forget them in the morning. Again.

Ah yes, lookin’ fabulous AND I’ll never have to miss a ride because of old-fart memory ever again. Best $150 I ever spent. Dammit.

P.S. For the noobs, always remember to lube the threads of your new pedals before you install them… Yes, it matters.



  1. Kecia says:

    That’s comparable to me packing my gym bag to do strength training after work and realizing I have no sports bra in my gym bag…oops! Good thing I’m relatively flat chested 😉 I now have an “Oh Crap Bag” in the back of my vehicle as a result!!

  2. PedalWORKS says:

    I learned the lesson years ago. I have pedals on all of the bikes and only remove them when I travel and rent a bike. Nice post.

  3. bonnev659 says:

    i have a set of pedals on my bike, and 1 set (got cheap used for when I travel for rented bikes) it is so good to do.

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