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I don’t wanna but I do…

December 2014

Man I hate putting all of this crap on for a bike ride.

Oh well, at least it’s not freezing. 40 should feel like summer…

(Pump tires up)

Oh man is it wet, did it rain last night?

Maybe I’d be better off on the trainer today.

Damn, you need to shut the hell up.

At least I’m not going to freeze out here, this is kinda nice.

Long day today, maybe I should take it easy…

Sissy, get your butt moving. Nobody else is going to take it easy today, you want to be out of shape when spring finally rolls around?

Wind’s out of the west. Next mile is gonna suck.

Get down in the drops, get your head out of the wind and turn that crank over.

There we go, that’s more like it.

Is that rain!? (Off to the west).

Nope, just fog…

Push up this hill… Harder.

This sucks…

Yeah but you’ll be better for it this spring.

Faster… There’s the burn (in the lungs).

[Two miles later]

Here comes the wind again… Get in the drops.

Man, this is nice – glad I didn’t wear anything around my neck.

Okay, left turn, downhill… Hit the gas! Oh shit, it’s wet. Sit up to bleed speed before that right hander (now 75 yards away).

Too fast! Brake. Brake!

Okay, easy around the corner. Put the hammer down.

Stop light. Track stand. No traffic.

Push up this hill. Harder. Why are my legs knotting!? Oh yeah, PEDALworks’ “jumps”. Remember to thank him (sarcastic) for that.

Last mile into the wind. Oh wow (see the water all over my feet for the first time).

Alright push this mile (low grade but all uphill).

Push. Push. Push. Faster!

Look both ways, no traffic, blow the stop sign.

Alright, push up the hill. Make it hurt. Faster, pedal circles. Still clunky, circles dammit. There it is. (Lungs are seriously burning now) Almost there, harder! Okay, rest down the hill.

Yes, wind at the back.

Did the wind shift to the north!? This is not fair. Down in the drops. Okay, just an odd gust, wind’s at the back. Hammer this hill. Go, go, go… Almost to the top… Okay, now move. Don’t get caught by the traffic light.

C’mon man take it easy for a minute… Oh shut up.

Turn right, avoid the traffic and head for home the back way. Yeah, good idea.

Keep it going strong. Twelve more minutes and you can take it easy for the last mile.

I hate this stretch of road (one mile, feels like riding on cobbles. In the cold and wet).

Okay, this is better. Last strong mile, try for 24. 25. Go! Go!

Alright, good enough. Spin it back, enjoy this last four minutes.

In the driveway, clip on my cleat protectors and survey the bike… This is going to take a minute to clean up.

Quick shower and it’s off to breakfast and Bella’s swim meet.

The above was every thought I had on my short sixteen mile training ride today (sadly it was all I could fit in). As is usual for those days where I second-guess my sanity, I was ultimately glad I went. Though cleaning up after this one is going to take a minute. Thank God I took the Trek.


  1. xbox155 says:

    ha brill – there’s plenty taking it easy your just very driven 🙂 riding hard in the cold is no good especially nearing 42 – I need to move to warmer climbs with climbs 🙂

    cycling is one big addiction if its not riding its buying

  2. I was lucky enough to get in two shorter rides this weekend on both Saturday (35 miles) and Sunday (45 miles) in chilly but dry weather, temps ranging from 1-5 deg C. Good times.

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