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I am the Cycling Fashion Police… A Great Note for Fit Recovery’s Third Anniversary…

Oh, how time has flown!  I didn’t even realize that I’d come up on Fit Recovery’s Third Anniversary:
FitRecovery 3rd Anniversary
A little over 1,700 posts, 223,000 hits, 8,700 comments and a partridge in a pear tree.  On that note…

I had a guy accuse me of being “the [cycling] fashion police” in the comment section of what was intended to be a knee-slapper of a post.  In fact, the only comment I made about the embedded video to that post, which was hilarious by the way, was that if you have to be told not to wear an animal onesie on a bike, you need professional help.

“Paging Captain Obvious, please call the office”.

Now leave it to some people to get mad rather than have a good laugh or maybe it’s something else…  Maybe I offended the guy unintentionally in a previous life or something, who knows.  The truth is though, technically, in a way, he’s got a point – as long as your definition of “police” is:  One who has no authority but recognizes a cyclist who doesn’t know how to dress properly as a threat to the safety of others and uses what voice he has to help noobs avoid the same mistakes he’s already made with the goal of making the cycling world a better place.

Yeah, that is me.

If you’ve been cycling long, you’ve seen it – a guy cruising down the road with his jersey tucked in and his tighty-whities hanging out the back of his shorts but pulled over his jersey (oh yes I have).  So how does one handle that situation?  Well, I can tell you how I handled it.  First, I made certain that I kept an eye on him.  We were riding in a rather large group and the sad reality is, if you don’t know enough to not wear underwear under your shorts because that’ll chafe you nine ways to Sunday, then it’s likely the person hasn’t put in significant mileage and may make a mistake in a group.  Cruising down the road at 15 mph with three feet between wheels, there’s a little bit of room for error.  At 28 mph, with six inches to a foot, not so much.  Call it self-preservation as I’m not the young spring chicken who bounces well anymore.  Second, having never run into a situation like that, I asked one of the elder statesmen in our group what the proper etiquette was.  He, with his more than forty years’ experience, suggested I not say anything, that he’d figure it out sooner or later.  He also added that it would be a good idea to keep an eye on him the best I could (confirming my initial reaction).

On the other hand, even though I’ve never seen one, I imagine there is the occasional angry jerk who would sink low enough to berate a noob because his (or her) socks aren’t long enough…  Humorously enough, this is exactly why I wear shorter socks.  They are, without a doubt, cycling specific and they match my kit and bike but they’re not the half-way up the calf “pro” socks.  In other words, my socks are an “@$$hole set up”.  Anyone who would give me crap about my socks not extending far enough up my calf, even though they’re cycling specific and match, has a good chance of being too big a jerk for me to want to hang out with.  I suppose you could call that reverse psychology.

The point is folks, if I ever come off too serious about cycling, or too much a stickler for “The Rules”, fear not…  Life is too short to bother myself with something so trivial.  On the other hand, you can’t argue with the results

UPDATE: Well, as happens it appears the joke was on me… And it flew right over my head. I missed it. Apologies MJ.

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