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A Note to Jeb Bush: The Reason Democrats are Afraid of You.

Sorry for the political rant, normally I try to stay away from that on my blog.  Politics are great fun but these posts generally tend to piss off about 30-40% of the population.  This one will be fun though…

Bob Beckel is, next to my wife, one of my favorite Liberals. He just seems like a really good guy, until it comes to politics where, during the Obamacare debate, he would be dishonest enough to know President Obama was lying about being able to keep your healthcare plan and doctor if you liked them (period), but call you a liar for pointing out that according to the language in the Bill, you would lose your coverage if it didn’t meet Obamacare’s guidelines and that any doctor remotely close to retirement age would throw in the towel and retire rather than continue on under Obamacare (I lost two this way).  He claims, on a nightly basis, to be afraid of you winning the Republican nomination for president.

You get that Jeb? Liberals are liars. They can lie just as easily as they draw breath. These people will tell an ignorant person, with a straight face, that Republicans are the reason Obamacare sucks so bad or that restrictive anti-self-defense gun laws reduce crime… You’d have to be stupid or a liar to buy that (stupid because it’s not true, Republicans weren’t even allowed in the room or a liar, because you know this but blaming horrible legislation on Republicans is an easy means to an end).

Okay, now pay attention Jeb.

If you listen to Liberal commentators breathlessly describe how afraid they are that you might run, you’re falling for the lie of the century, well technically the lie of this month but allow me the flourish. Liberals are praying, every day, that you win the primary. They know for a fact, Jeb, a fact, that they would kick your ass in an election. Hillary could beat you, it’s that bad. Your family name, where it doesn’t inspire ignorant hatred, has been trashed by decades of being run through the mud. Fairly or unfairly, that’s the way it is.

Add to that fact you’re even squishier than your brother and I, a fairly safe vote, would have to hold my nose to vote for you (even you, I have no doubt, would be better than four more years of this bullshit – and make no mistake, Mrs. Clinton would mean four more years).

Rather than go on about this Jeb, I’ll make this real simple: The media want you because you can be beaten.  Not a little beaten, they’ll mop the floor with you and laugh about it the next day.  Your dad had the thousand points of light, your brother already did compassionate conservatism (and let’s face it, how’d that go for him?).  What do you have?  Really compassionate conservatism?  Right, that’s going to play well.

Look Jeb, here’s the deal.  The media plays all nicey-nice with whomever they want to win…  McCain, Romney?  The media carried water for both of them.  Remember?  Right up until, in McCain’s case, the Democrats picked their nominee.  In Romney’s case, they waited exactly 43 seconds after the ink was dry on his nomination.  My friend, they ran a story that Romney once took a trip with a dog in a carrier on the roof and that was news for like two weeks.  They ran stories, repeating lies, stating that Romney skipped out on his taxes.  Romney is possibly the cleanest guy to ever run for President, for either party (except Washington of course, maybe Lincoln) and they slammed him non-stop till the election.  How about McCain?  Oh, they were all buddy, buddy at first but as soon as the Dems got around to picking President Obama as their nominee, how’d that go for McCain?  Note that I used his name and title?  President Obama?  See, for him, you establishment guys will claim that Sarah Palin dragged him down but she didn’t.  She energized McCain’s campaign for Republicans.  Sure she wasn’t ready for prime time but, obviously, their candidate wasn’t ready either.  Not even all “57 States” later.  They ran her down, all war-on-women style.  Point is, all of this good press you’re getting now will not last.  You’re being propped up only because you’re easy to knock down.  Mark my words.

The Democrats aren’t afraid of you.  They’re lying.  They just hope you (and the voting public) are gullible enough to miss it.

By the way, if you can’t already see this, how good a President will you be?