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Daily Archives: December 20, 2014

What “Extra Vigilant” Looks Like to Me…

The U.S. government has issued an alert for U.S. Citizens to be extra vigilant because of the Muslim extremist attack in Sydney:

“The lone wolf attack in Sydney, Australia on December 15, 2014, resulting in the deaths of two hostages, is a reminder that U.S. citizens should be extra cautious, maintain a very high level of vigilance, and take appropriate steps to enhance their personal security,”…

Here’s the image that accompanies the story:

Unfortunately, a full SWAT-style team is a little heavy to carry with me to “enhance my personal security”, so if this is vigilant:

Then this must be extra vigilant:

Extra vigilant… Got it. On it.

Go through life happy, joyous and free but if trouble knocks on your door, light it up like a Christmas tree.

As a small aside, for the nitwits, I live in the US where self-preservation is still legal. While I can freely carry a concealed pistol (licensed of course) in most of this country, I also know that self-protection is illegal in most of the rest. Know the law, follow the law and above all, treat your right with respect and honor. Don’t be an idiot.