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My Best December Week on a Bicycle, EVAH!


December 2014

It wasn’t much, of course. It’s freaking cold outside!l, baby! But still, 65 miles in three days is nothing to spit at when we’re normally buried in snow.

I’d have been at almost 80 but the truth is I bowed out early when Brad decided to cut about 13 miles out of our 40 miler. I went with him rather than risk aggravating my cold…

Now that I’m home and showered (and napped) up, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t stick it out but it would not be wise for me to dwell too long there though – I am getting over a cold after all and I know it was the right thing to do. Another 13 miles would have worn me out to a point I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy bowling tonight and might even have gotten sicker now that I’m starting to feel better.

Thank God for our abnormal lack of snow so far this year!

Oh, I should add for those who don’t know… Last year I wouldn’t ride a bike outside unless it was warmer than 40 degrees (F). It turns out, I can handle much colder weather than I thought, comfortably. The cold is not so bad when I dress for it. Technically this post probably, in hindsight, been entitled: My best December (outdoor) week on a bike, Evah. I’ve always ridden on the trainer through the winter but never this much outside.

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