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Finally, a Day in the Snow… And an Attempt at Breaking the Road with My Butt


January 2015

Mrs. Bgddy and I took the mountain bikes out for a dirt road ride in the snow today… The temp wasn’t too bad but the wind and windchill sucked. Temp: 29. Windchill: 17. That pretty much meant the wind was howling.

I was really surprised at how stable my 29’er was in the snow, I expected a much more squirrelly ride. We started off with the wind on out right shoulder followed by a mile and a half directly into the teeth of it. Another two heading north before enjoying 1-1/2 with a push. While I was chilly, I was well-dressed and not uncomfortable.

We turned north and we hit a more snow-covered patch that was unlike anything we’d ridden on – and the wind really picked up. Heading up a tiny hill, three things happened instantly: A gust hit my left side forcing me to lean ever so slightly, I started on the power part of a pedal stroke with my right foot and my back tire lost traction on a spot of ice. I was laying on my left side before I knew what was going on – BAM, that fast. In fact, I had to put together what happened while I was looking at the cracked ice I’d hit with my hip. I also felt a knot forming on my knee.

I got back up, dusted myself off and was thankful that I fell on the left (non-drivetrain) side and that the bike never hit the ground – only the handlebar end hit. I climbed back on my bike but had to find a better place on the road to start back out on, the tires couldn’t get enough grip for me to get back in the saddle, it was that icy. Lesson learned.

The next mile hurt like hell but I pushed through it and by the time I was into the second mile I started loosening back up.

Another two miles and we were at home. I showered up, took a couple of Tylenol, wiped down my bike and chain and now I’m on the couch, watching the Lions game. With the exception of busting my ass, I’ll be darned, riding the mountain bike in the snow is a lot better than the trainer.

Thanks to everyone who took the time trying to convince me that winter riding wasn’t all that bad… You were right.


  1. Paige says:

    But is the road ok???

  2. Sandra says:

    Glad you’re okay–be careful out there!

  3. I love winter riding. Hilarious to watch my younger colleagues come dragging in on the freezing mornings only to see my bike parked by my office! But, ice? Been there- done that – couple of falls was enough for me.

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Hope the hip feels good in the morning. Talk about tough!

  5. Dustin John says:

    That sounds painful and very unexpected. Do they make tire spikes for peddal bikes? Maybe that would take all the thrills out of the spills. Biking sounds fun. Ive never gotten into it too much but we do have some great places to go here in utah. Im not a huge fan of cold and wind chill but dressing correctly could fix all that i suppose.

  6. You’re not a stud until you ride studs. Nice job, though and nice to hear of another ride with the missus.

  7. Went for a wee slide yesterday, but no submission, better luck next ride (& the many ones after).

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