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My Ridiculous Cycling Trainer Workout. You too can puke in your mouth for fun! Woohoo!

I read about a friend’s trainer workout the other day that sounded really tough, with the exception of the recovery time. His workout, if I remember correctly, was one minute full power, 120 cadence (hardest gear, hardest setting on the trainer), followed by a five minute recovery period… Rinse and repeat ten times. There was a ten minute warmup and cool down book ending the intervals, if memory serves.

It reminded me of another workout I read about years ago that was similar but way worse… 15 minute warmup and cool down with three sets of ten: 15 seconds on (full blast), 15 off with five minutes in between each set. I tried it. Once. It sucked.

So, back to my workout. I took the one minute on (120 cadence, hardest gear, hardest setting on the turbo) but trimmed the warmup to 4 minutes, the cool down to five minutes and knocked three minutes off of each recovery period. What I ended up with was one minute on and two minutes to recover. I managed seven repeats before my legs started rebelling and I puked in my mouth… It rounded out to a perfect 30 minute butt kickin’ interval workout.

Folks this workout is not for the faint of heart (or stomach for that matter, woof!). My legs were still threatening to cramp up four hours later and I could barely pedal for the first minute of the cool down. Also, it felt as though my heart might have skipped a beat or two as well. In other words, just enough “suck” packed into a short period of time.

Ah, the joys of training through the winter. Several inches of snow, lows in the negatives (F), highs 20 degrees below freezing (10 F) and howling winds… So much for that decent (average) winter we were having.

Fair thee well my fellow cycling enthusiasts, as we prepare for yet another year of ass kickery.