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Please, Just Call Me Jim… The Origin of “Bgddyjim”

When I started this blog three years ago, as one would expect, the username “Jim” was taken.

I had the woman who designed my business website helping me with the blog setup over the phone and one of the first (if not the first) items on the agenda was picking that all important username… Interestingly, I believed I’d be relatively successful at blogging – I’ve always fancied myself a fair writer, even though I’m quite under-educated – so I wanted to pick something that would A) Stick out in the crowd, B) Be funny, C) Be slightly offensive to certain grievance-driven social groups and D) “would begin a comprehensive discussion challenging the acceptance of common roles in a traditional marriage… Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah” [Dammit]… You know what? I have a tough time with Political BS English so let me just use plain English: Folks, the arrogance, call it cockiness, exuded in calling oneself “Big Daddy”is huge… I am, almost without exception, the best-looking man in the room, anywhere I go (or so I am often told) but I really don’t think that highly of myself. Granted, I walk into a party where Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are in attendance, I’m just as hit as Honey Boo-Boo’s mom but in the real world, I’m pretty smokin’. Now, a certain segment of the population is going to see that nickname and be immediately turned off, even angered, by the assumed level of arrogance required to pick that nickname in the first place and that’s the idea. My over-doing of the arrogance, even though I am anything but, helps keep this blog relatively jerk-free.

Now for the true origin of “BgddyJim”, my wife’s nickname for me, for years had been “Big Daddy”. That was an answer to my nickname for her: “Babymama”… Before you get all fired up because you don’t know the context, I am, and have always been, an Elvis man (as opposed to a Beatles man – please see Pulp Fiction for the explanation). “Babymama” was chosen as the “Elvis”, southern, term of endearment, not the newer “producer of my babies” term which I find quite deplorable.

With that background, I took “Bgddyjim”.

So, while it may be commonplace to use a person’s nickname when commenting on a post or replying to a comment, That’s not necessary with me. Dude, just call me Jim.

Monday Cycling Humor Car vs Bicycle

No additional thoughts necessary!

When Getting Taken to Town By Your 11-Year-Old Kid is Cool…

I wrote the other day about my wife and I taking out kids to the pool for a bit of an open swim, a couple of races and the girl’s diving lesson… The more I think about those races, the more proud I am of my daughter. Technically, I’m proud of both girls because they’re both great swimmers (the 8-year-old was only a few strokes behind us) but racing Bella was special because she didn’t hold back, not even a little bit and if that race had been a 50, she’d have cleaned my clock… And the best part is, I didn’t hold back either. Six measly inches was all that separated my daughter, barely a tween, from her mid-forties dad.

Granted, I’m not in swimming shape, that was the first time I swam like I meant it in more that two years, but I am in great shape. That kid can just flat-out swim.

My wife and I have been carting those kids around to swimming lessons, now practices, for God, it’s gotta be four or four years now and that little drag race with my girl made it all worth it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how good things have come to be in my life. To be in a place where I am truly content with what I have, to not “need” any longer, to have kids that not only care, they get it… To have a magnificent wife and marriage.

I’m telling you what folks, it’s a miraculous feeling, after what I’ve been through, to be able to wake up in the morning and feel that I’m a blessed man walkin’.

If you don’t wake up like that, give it a try some time… And I’ll give you a hint: It has very little to do with green paper. Though sadly, I think that knowledge, that it isn’t money that drives contentment, makes it that much harder to realize.