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Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

You know it’s cold when the fog freezes…

Ah yes, winter is here but with only 1-1/2 months left to March, I can do this standing on my melon!

On walking out the front door to start my vehicle, I felt a sensation I dread every year… The first day my residual snot instantly freezes in my nose. -10 degrees Fahrenheit is the cutoff. Not minus three, not minus eight, minus ten degrees Fahrenheit .

It was actually -13. Damn.

Many people don’t get to experience this kind of cold. They know when the air temp cools if the ground was warm (or vice versa) you get fog. Well, when it’s minus 13, this is what fog looks like:

That fog is frozen though – those are ice crystals suspended in mid-air. We’ve had frozen fog for two days in a row and while you do have to watch your speed, it is absolutely breathtaking to drive through – even better in the morning when your headlamp beams reflect off of the crystals. I didn’t snap a picture because there’s no way it could have done the experience justice.

In any event, no outdoor cycling this week. Been cranking the miles out on the trainer.

This Girl Can… Well, Let’s Just Say Irony’s a Bitch.

Every now and again I let myself get fired up over the ignorance displayed by certain grievance-driven groups, I mentioned so in my post yesterday. Well, what do you know, a perfect example of exactly what I’m talking about… And frankly, another reason I should leave righteous indignation to others.

Women have been trying to convince themselves (and anyone else who will listen), for decades now, that they should be able to accept themselves as they are and not as they believe they’re seen by “society” [ED Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there isn’t anything between you and acceptance but air and opportunity – it’s none of your business what someone else thinks about you]. Unfortunately, that belief is often carried into the solution. At the same time, “society” has sought to get men fired up about women’s sports, lamenting the lack of support for anything that doesn’t require a string bikini as the uniform… And we decent, level-headed Twenty-First Century men do our Sunday best to give a damn.

Then, along comes a video that squanders a perfect opportunity:

I know it’s a wasted opportunity because I dutifully watched the whole clip… Here are two screenshots from that video, a double-take was required:
Deal with it? Oh, we’re all supposed to get all weepy at some football players and stars getting weepy when it comes to talking about the abuse of women but left to their own, what do the women of “This Girl Can” do? They put out a juvenile double entendre about kicking a guy in the sack – about doing exactly that which we are supposed to deem abhorrent forevermore.


Makes a feel long for the good ole days…

I won’t link the blog from which I viewed the video because I greatly respect the woman who writes it and in truth, her kindness helped me with my father’s passing quite a bit – this post is not about her anyway…she didn’t make or edit the video (the “movement” originated in the UK). On the other hand, I do find it awesome when the shoe ends up on the other foot.

Irony, ladies. It ain’t the shit chastity belts are made of.

Now that the rant is over, here’s the reality behind the politics.  I really do get it and I’m not all that upset about the fact that a female soccer player does indeed kick balls and I most certainly can deal with it.  On the other hand ladies, you can’t have it both ways – you can’t decry violence against women while promoting violence against men.

Is this a little nitpicky?  Possibly, but I’m not the one who created this culture, this tendency to find grievance with every little written word.  Nope, I’m just a squirrel living in that world.