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The Weight to Cost Ratio of a Specialized Venge Comp to a Ferrrari 458 Italia… This will surprise you…

A friend of mine who writes The Road to Revelation commented on my post yesterday, about why I chose a Specialized Venge over a Ferrari 458 Italia (technically it’s a no-brainer, I couldn’t afford the insurance and upkeep, let alone the vehicle):

“…The Venge wins in the cost-benefit ratio all day long… Then consider the price per pound and it’s a runaway!”

Uh, not so fast, it’s that second part, the cost per pound:

Specialized Venge Comp (plus Upgrades):  $5,000 retail at 16.5 pounds: $303 per pound**

Ferrari 458 Italia:  $233,509 at 3,274 pounds: $71 per pound


Now, if we looked at the cost/benefit ratio, that would throw the weight back in favor of the Venge by an exceptionally wide margain:


Improved muscle tone
Weight loss
<1.724% Chance purchase will cause divorce
Improved heart health
Improved lung health
Greatly improved cancer odds
Stress relief
Improved work performance
Improved outlook on life
Allows for more enjoyable diet
Vastly improves odds against host of diseases

Cost/Benefit Ratio: $100:1

Or this:

Ear to ear grin inducer
Improved Self-Esteem*

Cost/Benefit Ratio: $116,755:1

* Improved Self-Esteem… LOL 😂

**  The Retail Cost of a 2013 Specialized Venge Comp in 2013 was $3,700.  Upgraded Vuelta Corsa SLR Wheels $370, Cages:  $40, Specialized Aerofly Handlebar $350 (includes installation), FSA Carbon Wrapped Stem:  $160, Look Keo Classic Pedals:  $150 – that comes out to $4,770.  Add Sales Tax:  $5,050.  I didn’t pay near that much for everything.  The bike, once I finally had the cash in-hand to pay for it, was on sale for $3,100, the wheels are actual cost, as are the cages.  I paid local cycling club membership prices for the handlebar and stem.  My actual cost for the bike was closer to $4,200 or $254 per pound – but that’s still way over the cost of the Ferrari.