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Back on the Bike…

I’ve had some lousy luck with getting sick so far this year… The last time I had even a look at a cold was some time last winter. I’ve had a cold and am just getting over a bout with the flu so far since January First. I was able to ride on Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday morning, about 8am, I was not doing well. I ended up coming home early and tried to sleep it off but all that did was make it tough to sleep that night. Thursday was pretty rough and Friday wasn’t much better. Yesterday, the girls had a swim meet that lasted into the evening so I didn’t get anything done.

I was still feeling a little ugly this morning but I slept in a little bit and to be honest, I was feeling a little chubby. We had a nice breakfast and by noon I was fit to be tied. I could have done the “listen to my body” thing but there’s a big difference (for me) between “listening to my body” and “using my body as an excuse to sleep on the couch”. Mrs. Bgddy and I hit the trainers and I worked up one helluva sweat… And it was good.

We’ve got a fantastic Steak Nachos dinner lined up to enjoy during the football games this evening.

Humorously, I feel a lot better already. A cold or the flu is always a funny thing with me. That first day or two, when my hair follicles hurt, I need to hide my head under a blanket. After that though, the only thing that really breaks its proverbial back is getting a good sweat on.

Happy days are here again.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sammich Maker – Revolutionizing Breakfast.

I wrote, back during the Christmas break, my new breakfast sammich maker, one of the tops on my “favorite Christmas present” list.

I’m a big fan of fast food chain breakfast sammiches but I rarely buy them… I’m just not that into paying five bucks for a breakfast sammich. We used to make them at home with scrambled eggs of course, but the cheese never quite melted right and the eggs always fell out… Enter the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. It’s a revolution in breakfast. How much did we like the one I got for Christmas?

Yeah, we bought a second one so we could push them out even faster.

Without getting into the nuts and bolts of it too deeply (the maker comes with detailed instructions, with pictures), my wife, Bella and I have found ourselves most fond of cinnamon and raisin English muffins while Josie likes the plain muffins. We’ve gone with bacon and sausage patties, both are fantastic (obviously). For the eggs, my wife and kids like the yolk scrambled a bit:

Not me, I poke them a few times and leave them whole. In the near future we’ll be subbing the English muffins for pancakes and waffles, oh my.

Plain and simple, best breakfast idea since peanut butter on pancakes. They’re perfect.