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It’s Go Time… Is that DREAD?!

How many times have you gotten a big ball rolling? How often have you come up with an idea, laid down a ton of cash, put forth even more effort into getting everything ready for the big day only to get to the starting line and think, “Oh crap, now the real work starts?

Success isn’t easy, at least not as I’ve experienced it. It’s a lot like running a marathon and then running it again immediately after you cross the finish line just to make sure you did the first one right. It’s like preparing for an Ironman (140.6) only to have to run it, but without a finish line.

This week I’m meeting with my logistics guy, we have a photo shoot to do and I’ve got the web developer – whom I haven’t told we’re going a completely different direction from where we were last Tuesday, on top of my day job, at a time when we’re slowing down a little bit and I have to keep my guys busy. And the funny thing about all of this, last night I’m sitting there watching the football game and I’m thinking about all of the fun stuff I get to do this week (take part in a professional photo shoot for one) and all I can think of is the dread of trying to shoe-horn everything in to the next 96 hours…  I know this is no way to live and that feeling has got to go, but how to shake it?

Such is the life… One day at a time.

The truth of the matter is, if I were to look at everything I have to do, for this week, there’s a fair to average chance I’d end up having a panic attack right here sitting at my desk (been there before).  Instead, I started leaving reminders on my phone calendar whenever they struck me while watching the game, for things that I would normally forget in the heat of the moment.  Now that I’m into the beginning of this week, it’s just going to be one task at a time, complete it and move on to the next.  This is the only way I know to plow through everything without messing it all up.  This is how recovery works, one day at a time.  All of a sudden you’re sitting on a couple of decades, trying to figure out how you did as well as you did with so little work.

That’s how it rolls, and I like it.  Oh, and I like to remember this:  If it was easy anybody could do it.