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Fit Recovery on How to Know if You’re Doing Your Cycling Intervals Properly…

This post, as it says on the top left of my Home Page, is written in plain English. It assumes you actually know what an interval is and that you are fit enough to do them.

My interval set is done on a trainer, seven reps, 1 minute full blast, hardest gear, greatest resistance, 150-170 rpm cadence (I’m guessing of course, it’s really freaking fast). 2 minutes to recover, repeat. With a 5 minute warmup and 4 minute cool-down, that’s 30 minutes on the nose.  It always starts out sounding like a good idea.  It rarely finishes that way.

So, how do you know if you’re doing your intervals right?

Some form of this conversation will happen in your melon…

Interval 1: This is awesome! I’m gonna be killin’ it when spring rolls around.

Interval 3: I’m rockin’! Keep it kickin’
…Recovery time is close to 1:45
Interval 4: Okay, better than half-way there!

Interval 5: Okay, only this and two more! Is that my heart beating in my neck?!
…Recovery now takes the full two minutes.

The Winter Pains…

It started subtly, about a month ago, with waking up a little more sore than usual. There were maybe a half-dozen things I attributed the pain to:

Clenching my jaw while sleeping, stress was the cause.
Getting old, but that’s bullshit hype, you can’t escape time but I’m one fit f*cker and I’m not that old yet.
The cold, as anyone who’s lived through a northern winter will tell you, the cold hurts.
The Flu/Cold, I got the flu first and followed that up with a cold – lovely way to start the new year.
Taking a couple of weeks off to get over the flu and cold…  A sedentary life hurts way more than an active one.

There’s sick and I didn’t even get into the wild speculation.  Every single one of those was probably a contributing factor with the exception of age but didn’t go the full way to explaining why I was so damned sore.  A few days ago, after the girls had swim practice and were understandably hungry (cold pool), my wife stopped at a McDonald’s on the way home so they could eat on the way home and get straight to bed.   McDonald’s is rarely a first choice but it’s a rare day I’ll turn down a Fish ‘O Filet and some fries…  But I wasn’t hungry.  I was struck, for maybe the second time in the last ten years, with an absolutely uncontrollable craving…for water.  I drank the whole thing and refilled it when I got home.  Then I had a glass of Gatorade to wash the water down.

The next day I woke up pain free.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Well, Duh”!  You have a point, I should have seen that one coming.  December was a fairly average month, without the snow and the first half of January wasn’t so bad either…  Since then, however, the weather took a serious turn to the bone-chillingly cold temps and we even managed to get some snow on the ground so everything is locked up tight and we’re constantly running the heat.  One thing we all know is that heating a home (or office) sucks the water out of everything.

I have no idea how dehydrated I was but I can guarantee you this:  For my body to start hurting in must have been fairly significant.  To tell you the truth, I’m a little embarrassed by the whole ordeal.  I should know better by now.  Whatever, it is what it is.  I’ll chalk it up to one of those things I should have been prepared for but wasn’t.

HEY!  This is my 1,776th post!


Special thanks to FoxNews for the photo (chuckle).