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How Much do You Trust Your Phone Case to Protect Your Phone?

February 2015

One word, should be two: Lifeproof.

Yup, that’s the beach…

That’s a wave coming at my phone…

That’s a wave crashing into my phone.

That’s my phone under the wave, taking a picture.

This is the post I wrote on my phone after a wave crashed into my phone.

Incidentally, and equally important, this is the same phone and case that survived a 20 mph drop from my bike as well. Butter fingers.

Lifeproof:  Expensive as hell and worth every penny if you’re active and have to take your phone everywhere.  No plastic sandwich bags, no worrying about sweat, just slide it in your back pocket and go.


  1. I have the Otterbox defender case, which is the commuter case with a belt clip. I see Lifeproof has made a case for the S4, but I wonder if it will fit into the defender belt clip? I didn’t see a belt clip for the S4. 😦

  2. zoeforman says:

    My iPhone survived a machine wash in a Lifeproof case – lucky lady, lucky it was a short wash ! Now keep my phone in Lifeproof case all the time not just for snowboarding, cycling & by the lake for swimming

  3. Paige says:

    Lifeproof cases have saved my phones (& my behind) multiple times! Definitely worth the cash!!!

  4. Agreed: Lifeproof will save your phone. I’ve used them for my last 3 phones(all upgraded so don’t get worried). It is great to have piece of mind that your phone is safe. Go for a jog in the rain. Drop it in a puddle. I even take mine out on my kayak(and have flipped it) with never a worry that my wouldn’t be safe and sound.

  5. Agree 100%. Totally worth every dime! My phone too went underwater in all things my husband’s back pocket. Lifeproof fan for life!

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