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New Study MAY Show a Change of Diet May Be In Order… Or so I heard.

February 2015
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Forgive me. I’m pretty fired up so this turned into a bit of a rant. That happens when my government starts discussing ways to track how much television I choose to watch. Seriously.

The info-babe* on the news yesterday morning touted a new study that shows we may need to change our diet… Hold your breath – Yet again.

I turned the TV off before the story aired.

Have you ever noticed that there’s a new study that comes out suggesting dietary changes so often that you can’t possibly finish the food you bought to follow the suggestions of the last study that’s been replaced by a shiny new one?

Look at coffee alone! It’s good! No, it causes cancer! No, it’s good again because they fudged the cancer study! Drink it in moderation, then a month later, as long as you’re under a gallon a day (an exaggeration of course) it’s all good! No wait, it’s bad again! Oh, hang on, now it’s great again! Coffee drinkers rejoice, at least until next week when it’ll be bad again. They need to do a study on the stress caused by their incessant changes, methinks.

Forgive me for not caring anymore.

What I missed, because the info-babe teased it as a new study, was that this was the US Bureaucracy chiming in by claiming we should be eating a plant-based diet. Of course, that’d be stupid because I am, and forever will be, on a meat-based diet. I would literally eat a horse before I would go on a plant-based diet. I would raise puppies and kittens and eat them before I give up meat. Hey, come to think of it, maybe that’s the real reason the Chinese communists eat dog…their government wanted them on a plant-based diet maybe? Point is, this isn’t some new study. This is the government laying out what they want to force us to do… BIG difference.

Look folks, I was raised by a nurse who knows a fuck of a lot more about nutrition than some damned bureaucratic mess that wants to be everyone’s nanny… Not only that, my doctor, during my last checkup, said (and I quote for you bureaucratic twits who might be reading this), “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it”.

So I’ll tell you something chatting class, including all of the info-babes*, bureaucrats, legislators, ad-nauseam; you need to go on an ass-based diet. Meaning, specifically, eat my ass. I’ll even get you a silver spoon, you dopes.

Your report didn’t even take into account the more than year-old information that too little salt is far worse for the health than too much by calling for taxes on those snack foods you deem high sugar and “high salt”. Here’s an idea:

F-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ck you!

God Almighty! Keep the Change.

See America, they always get elected with platitudes: “We need to transform America”, Americans need to eat better to beat this obesity crisis”, is what they say on the stump. Unfortunately that bullshit always ends up looking like this: We’re going to force you to do what we want – and if you don’t eat right and watch too much TV (the report calls for federal TV tracking devices too), guess who doesn’t get that angioplasty. Make no mistake folks, this is the Obama Administration, Big Government at its finest and better than half of you voted for this shit. The advisory committee works under the Department of Health and Human Services, or the directing body of Obamacare. One way or another, they always come up with a way to take away everyone’s freedom. “You’re too stupid, we have to tell you how much TV to watch, and track it for you“? “You have to eat plants”? This is the best these idiots have to fight obesity?

Now, here’s the best part of the report I linked above from the Washington state Free Beacon (oh, the irony):

DGAC concluded that in order to achieve its goal of a population-wide “culture of health,” personal health must become a “human right.”

“In such a culture, preventing diet- and physical activity-related diseases and health problems would be much more highly valued, the resources and services needed to achieve and maintain health would become a realized human right across all population strata, the needs and preferences of the individual would be seriously considered, and individuals and their families/households would be actively engaged in promoting their personal health and managing their preventive health services and activities,” they said.

Now let’s look at what that last paragraph really means when you take away the fluff (we’ll just gloss over the fact that in the Bill of Rights, we are born with our rights, they are not granted by the government – it matters):

“In such a culture, preventing diet- and physical activity-related diseases and health problems would be much more highly valued than people’s freedom, the resources and services needed to achieve and maintain health would become a realized human right across all population strata be paid for by the people who will be forced to comply by being tracked and taxed, the needs and preferences of the individual would be seriously considered though the freedom to do as one chooses must be given up entirely for “the greater good” of what the bureaucracy believes is best, and individuals and their families/households would be actively engaged in promoting their personal health and managing their preventive health services and activities, or we will tax them into complicity if they don’t do as they’re told” they said.

Folks, call your Congressman. Immediately. Especially if he or she is a Democrat… This is their fault, make no mistake.

* I use the term “info-babe” loosely and is intended as gender non-specific. I recently referred to Brian Williams as an info-babe in one of my posts so don’t head to the comments section to whine sexism. If you’re still offended after my taking the time to explain the context, kindly piss up a rope. If you’re a woman, that would be one helluva feat, though a bit messy. Wear a raincoat maybe?


  1. I’ll start with this statement: “personal health must become a “human right.””

    Someone needs to inform these people, it already is. It is your right and freedom to eat whatever you wish. If you choose to eat crap, so be it. If you choose to eat healthy, that is your choice as well. And that is the essence of freedom. The ability to choose.

    Moving on to the diet nonsense. As my wife is a registered dietitian, she herself disagrees with many of the studies as well as recommendations, for the simple fact, “we all don’t wear the same style and size of shoes”.

    Nutrition is not “one size fits all.” Everyone’s nutritional needs are different depending on numerous factors, too many to list here. Not only that, but many of the testing standards, the BMI for one, are grossly inaccurate.

    Many studies, and I think you posted one here with regards to gluten a while back, are so filled with errors, it is surprising to me that any useful information is obtained.

    In the gluten study, the one that first says bla bla bla, and the second which says the exact opposite, the protocol for being part of the study was flawed, therefore, any results should be questioned and to be blunt, thrown into the round file.

    And like you, at my last physical, my doctor remarked you have the measurables of a 25 year old……..I’l be 55 this year!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Exactly right Eric… I’m a 44 year-old in a nineteen year-old’s body. Same idea – and I eat (ssshhhh…) BACON! Oh my. We are all different with different needs.

      It’s not that they need to be informed though. These people need to be roundly and immediately fired for believing that they have the right or mandate to think that cheap up in the first place.

  2. And, this is just a committee. Here is the report for those that wish to suffer through it:

    • bgddyjim says:

      Unfortunately, at more than 500 pages, I have to put in an hour on the turbo before I take my daughter to her travel team swim meet (mom already has the younger one down there). LOL! I didn’t even need a government committee to make me do those things.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh my God man, on top of being an excessively boring read, the governmental English that they use is like getting my teeth cleaned… Useful but painful. I would need about a gallon of coffee per chapter to get through the whole thing!

  3. abiodun says:

    For once this post doesn’t make sense to me.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Read it again. If you still don’t get it, you may not be grasping that which is going on about you. This post requires the reader be well informed in that which, in American politics, they voted for or against.

  4. Paige says:

    Crap! Wish I had known about this before. Now I know it’s not MY fault when I eat that cheese dip. Also…could the Pres send someone over to do my laundry? It’s interfering with my “right” to get in a long run.
    (As a matter of full disclosure, this was typed while enjoying a cup of lovely Jamaican coffee. Is that ok??)

    • bgddyjim says:

      First, yes, your coffee is still good for you and fights cancer, it does not cause cancer. Coffee contains a greater concentration of antioxidants than any other food source. In other words, it is very, very good for us.

      The rest, well just keep in mind, once you invite them in, they’re in. I’ll stick to my own laundry. 😜

  5. Jack Blair says:

    LMAO, Jim – I’ll have to read the rest later, I had to stop after “eat my ass” because I’m laughing to hard to see the rest. If you’ve been over to FUEL you’ll know that we’re a sports nutrition mag – so this post cracked me up. The government is completely full of shit on nutrition, always has been, and as long as there is big corporate money in politics, always will be. -Jack

  6. I fear that I may be influencing you, my friend. This is a rant I would have been pleased to write, anti-government and all. Ha ha ha. I feel the same way.

  7. louvic says:

    I was advised to give up coffee due to a recently-discovered heart arrhythmia. So thought I would have the odd cup of decaf instead, only to be told that although it doesn’t contain caffeine, it contains a different type of stimulant…

    One week a glass of red wine is good for us and the next week, it’s not!

    Pregnant women are told not to eat unpasteurised cheese, like brie, but you don’t hear of women in France having problems with that…

    Common sense….!

    Good post of yours!!

    • I can tell you from firsthand experience, red wine is good for you! I am having a glass right now!

      I recall the answer we got from our doctor when the wife asked about drinking during breastfeeding, “If you can hold the baby after drinking… can feed the baby”! I really liked her!

      I personally believe, that everything in moderation is good for you. Everything abused is bad.

      For your heart condition, I would get several opinions on that and find out the root cause. One of my exgirlfriends had tachycardia, and the root cause was a hole in her heart. she got it repaired and is fine today.

    • bgddyjim says:

      LOL… You can have my 8 O’clock Carmel Macchiato when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! I’ve given up too many things to give up my coffee too…and that red wine is great as long as it doesn’t lead to you dancing naked on the hood of your car with you key shoved up your butt screaming, “She’s flooded Cap’n, and I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got”.

      Been there, the neighbors don’t appreciate it much.

  8. bribikes says:

    I love my country and hate my* government. That’s a balanced perspective, right?

    *It isn’t really “my” government because that “by the people, for the people” thing is long dead

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