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Bacon, meet pizza crust.  Pizza crust, meet bacon.  Jim, meet Heaven.

We’ve been eating Little Caesar’s pizza every Wednesday for the last, God it has to be going on ten years now.  That’s point one.  Point two is that I love bacon.  If you think I am exaggerating, please go to my main page and look to the left…  That little sign that says, “This blog is fueled by bacon”.  I’m the same way with pizza.  I managed a gourmet pizza parlor for a year when I was a kid and I ate pizza every day for a year.  Every day.  I was never bored with it.  Oh, and did I mention that the owner of Little Caesar’s owns my favorite hockey team too?

Well last night we saw a commercial for LC’s – they came out with a new pizza that has a bacon wrapped crust.  Dude, bacon. wrapped. crust.  Three feet of bacon stretched around a deep dish pizza:

That photo is worth an extra two hundred-fifty words on top of the normal thousand – and it tastes even better than it looks.  

Pure awesome.  Heaven on earth.

I may get misty over that pizza.

Where did my kid get her intellect?! Must have been mama.

My daughter, Bella won her sixth grade spelling bee a couple of weeks ago.  It was a two-day event and she ended up winning the whole thing. She’s heading to the district meet today.

I won’t deny that I’m a smart cookie and that I had a contribution in the gene pool but I’m not necessarily “book” smart unless it’s a topic the catches my interest. Cycling, health through fitness, commercial construction, baseball, golf, running, swimming… Bella, on the other hand, possesses that crazy ability to learn about anything.

The kid’s an A student, second chair trumpet (she was first but just lost a challenge by one point a week or two ago), a competitive swimmer, she probably reads at a level that comes close to me (with equal comprehension and better retention) and she’s definitely better at math than I am at this point.

Thank God for marrying well and for my wife who had done a stellar job of raising our girls.

This isn’t to say this isn’t a team effort and I didn’t have something to do with my daughter’s success but I play a secondary role at best.  While I handle my role well, providing the environment for my daughters to be successful, it’s my wife who is in there getting her hands dirty and my daughters (both of them) who ultimately take responsibility for their education and run with it.

UPDATE:  She ended up getting knocked out, my wife thinks in fifth place in Districts.  Unbelievable – Top Ten.