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The Bike Thong…


February 2015

Curse you CycleOps…  A bike thong?  A thong?

Photo from REI

Accordingly, Mrs. Bgddy chimed in:  “Yours keeps the sweat off of your bike.  Mine is a string up my butt”.


Alas, I endured one full winter using a towel over my top tube to keep the sweat off of my bike.  I’d drop it almost every ride and have to stop to pick it up before commencing my misery on the trainer.  Finally it was too much – plus, CycleOps sweetened the pot by adding the phone/remote attachment so I can actually hear my phone ring over the movie I have playing so I can pause it should I have to answer the phone – I found my thong at the bike shop a couple of weeks ago…  I had to have it.

Sadly, it’s not quite as sexy as my wife’s thong but at least my bike doesn’t have to be wiped down after every ride anymore.

If, like me, you choose to endure the grinder, AKA “the trainer”, over wrapping yourself up like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story to train through the winter, definitely pick up a…  Um…  Dammit.  A bike thong.

God Almighty.  Phrasing.



  1. Paige says:

    Saw the title and wondered…”Why do you need to wear a specific thong to ride your bike?”. But then again there are thongs marketed specifically to runner chicks. Go figure! Seems like a waste of advertising dollars since everyone knows most of us runner chicks prefer commando!

  2. I have one.. a bike thong, that is. It catches the thweat.

  3. I really need one of these as I’ve been doing the hanging towel thing for too long. It’s even worse on the rollers as the towel can drop onto the spinning front wheel and jam it! Not sure if it’ll clip onto the TT bars though.

  4. Sandra says:

    Did you see that Specialized has a STOP SALE order on their carbon aerobars? Trying to find your email to send you the image . . .

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks Sandra. It’s not on all carbon aerobars though. It’s the TT aerobars with the integrated stem and then the alloy aerobars… They have a bad bolt. Thanks for looking out sister. 😉

  5. bonnev659 says:

    nice, I was looking at getting one but been using an old towel for this. maybe once it goes on sale at my lbs i be picking up 2 (1 for me and 1 for house mate)

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