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Goodbye, Adios, Adieu

The Cycling Blog World is losing a good one. Aaron and I have been in touch on and off for years. He suffered a hip injury a couple of years ago and it’s simply not healing well so he’s throwing in the towel on his blog.

For the cycling community, should you desire a climbing vacation in the southern US (Tennessee, the Carolinas etc) be sure to check out his posts, they’re a gold mine of ideas.

clementine ending

I’m afraid this is the end of SteepClimbs as a regular blog.

With all this injury history over the last couple of years, I’ve contemplated pulling the plug many times. The only reason I haven’t is because, surprisingly enough, people still visit. Traffic has dropped slightly from where it was when I was riding and posting regularly, but not as much as I expected. Most of the people are reading the Climbs section, Rides, or Routes. Why stop something that many people find useful?

The answer is that I’m not. That information is going to remain up, but there will be no new posts and I will not be actively maintaining the site. At some point it will become outdated, but it should be useful information for many.

The reason is because I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that this part of my life is over…

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Why I Love Being A Cyclist: Part 4,728

My legs are so brilliantly awesome they can’t be contained by a $100 pair of jeans.

Most normal people would be severely bummed had they ripped their favorite pair of jeans…  Especially if they retail for a hundred bucks.  I’m a cyclist though.  My legs are so friggin’ huge and fabulous that they cannot be contained, even by ridiculously expensive jeans.

I did that simply lifting my leg up to get into my wife’s SUV.

Cycling rocks!  Buy a bike, ride it a lot and ride it fast.  You too can shred your jeans!  Happily.  It sucks, sure but at the same time…  It’s awesome.