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Specialized Stop Sale on Carbon and Alloy Aerobars – Not Carbon Aerofly Handlebars…

A concerned friend commented on one of my recent posts that Specialized has issued a stop sale order on their carbon and alloy aerobars…  She remembered that I recently upgraded my handlebar from the alloy Tarmac bar to the carbon Aerofly bar…  First, the fact that I met somebody over the Internet who has enough give-a-shit to warn me about something like this is simply amazing to me, thank you Sandra.  That said, if you have the SHIV’s aerobars (carbon or alloy), you’ve got an issue:

If, like me, you have the Aerofly handlebar, you’re all good:

By the way, yes that bar does look awesome on my bike.  Yes it does.  It’s also exceptionally comfortable and transfers less road chatter than an alloy handlebar.  Style points + greater comfort = awesome.  Bicycle mathematics.

In any event, the affected models are 2012-2015 and is due to a defective bolt that can snap while riding.  If you have the aerobars shown above on your Triathlon Bike (aftermarket or on the Tri bike – not the Time Trial bike), best take it to your local Specialized shop to get it looked at.  If you have the Aerofly drop bar on your road bike, ride on great one.

Actually, here’s the actual statement from Specialized as it was sent to me (because some bars are not included and it can be confusing).  Specialized is coming out with a new statement on March 2, 2015 so stay tuned.  If you want more, there’s a discussion on Slow Twitch here.

The Daddy – Daughter Dance, Part Six and Scott Weiland as a Capper

My first Daddy-Daughter dance with just my youngest, Josie, was last night – so it was four with my oldest daughter, one with both and then last night made six.  It was truly a joy, yet mercifully short.  I love the concept of these dances as they give us dads the opportunity to wreck it for every punk kid who will ever try to date my daughter by showing her how a real man treats a woman, and demonstrate why her mom thinks I’m so awesome…  Without all of the hormone-driven emotion clouding things up.

While her older sister, Bella, is everything I always wanted to be as a kid (smart, competent and good), Josie is me, as a little girl.  She’s smart enough to make excellent grades but is every bit the social butterfly.  

Oh, and did I mention beautiful?  God Almighty, I’m going to have to beat the boys back with a stick in a few years…  She got her mom’s grace and my fantastic looks all wrapped up into a kid.

So my baby girl dragged me around the dance last night after an excellently fun dinner and desert (thank God I skipped lunch and put in an hour on the trainer yesterday!):

Oh yes, it was good…  The Chili’s Toffee Brownie Skillet (™).

Anyway, the main point, beyond an awesome dinner and desert, was being able to see my little girl in a social setting.  She is incredibly outgoing and is friends with almost everyone.  

After the dance we met her friends and their dads at the local McDonald’s where I ordered a coffee so I could keep the night rolling as I was just getting warmed up.  I’d dropped Bella off at a friend’s house earlier that afternoon and we met at the McDonald’s so a friend of hers’ father could take her home for a sleepover…  Which left Mrs. Bgddy and I free for a night of tinnitus:

Scott Weiland was back in town again this year for an amazing show that included several of his new band’s songs and a few oldies from the STP days (his new stuff is awesome – a little less ‘artsie’ and excellently heavier than STP’s last album).  He sold out the Machine Shop again so we were able to see him in a bar setting in a venue that holds less than 500 people (guessing, around 400).  Musically speaking, and his past aside, they are phenomenal performers and I am blessed to be able to see a World Tour act in such an intimate setting (even if my ears are still ringing).  

It was a perfect evening.