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The Daddy – Daughter Dance, Part Six and Scott Weiland as a Capper


March 2015

My first Daddy-Daughter dance with just my youngest, Josie, was last night – so it was four with my oldest daughter, one with both and then last night made six.  It was truly a joy, yet mercifully short.  I love the concept of these dances as they give us dads the opportunity to wreck it for every punk kid who will ever try to date my daughter by showing her how a real man treats a woman, and demonstrate why her mom thinks I’m so awesome…  Without all of the hormone-driven emotion clouding things up.

While her older sister, Bella, is everything I always wanted to be as a kid (smart, competent and good), Josie is me, as a little girl.  She’s smart enough to make excellent grades but is every bit the social butterfly.  

Oh, and did I mention beautiful?  God Almighty, I’m going to have to beat the boys back with a stick in a few years…  She got her mom’s grace and my fantastic looks all wrapped up into a kid.

So my baby girl dragged me around the dance last night after an excellently fun dinner and desert (thank God I skipped lunch and put in an hour on the trainer yesterday!):

Oh yes, it was good…  The Chili’s Toffee Brownie Skillet (™).

Anyway, the main point, beyond an awesome dinner and desert, was being able to see my little girl in a social setting.  She is incredibly outgoing and is friends with almost everyone.  

After the dance we met her friends and their dads at the local McDonald’s where I ordered a coffee so I could keep the night rolling as I was just getting warmed up.  I’d dropped Bella off at a friend’s house earlier that afternoon and we met at the McDonald’s so a friend of hers’ father could take her home for a sleepover…  Which left Mrs. Bgddy and I free for a night of tinnitus:

Scott Weiland was back in town again this year for an amazing show that included several of his new band’s songs and a few oldies from the STP days (his new stuff is awesome – a little less ‘artsie’ and excellently heavier than STP’s last album).  He sold out the Machine Shop again so we were able to see him in a bar setting in a venue that holds less than 500 people (guessing, around 400).  Musically speaking, and his past aside, they are phenomenal performers and I am blessed to be able to see a World Tour act in such an intimate setting (even if my ears are still ringing).  

It was a perfect evening.  


  1. elisariva says:

    My father used to say that his daughters got his good looks – that’s why he looks like he does now. ;). She is beautiful!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks Elisa. Makes perfect sense to me, though truth be told, she’s way better looking than I ever was at my best. I just like being falsely pretentious, but you already knew that about me. Thank you kindly. 😉

  2. What a great evening! You just took me back a few years (just a few). Your Josie must have the whole package — confidence and intelligence as well as scary pretty — and that helps bring the good boys around. Watching my good girl manage the boys from an early age has been very enjoyable. One of the perks of having a daughter is seeing the relationship thing from the other side!

    And small venue concerts are the best!

    I too had one of those toffee brownie skillets last night. Nate wanted to get out of the house, so Mir and I took him to Chilis. I could barely eat half because it was so sticky sweet!!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thank you for that perspective… I never thought about it like that, that her having it all would bring the good boys around.

      I will sleep better tonight my friend. Thank you.

      What are the chances on the desert? Honestly. That’s some good stuff right there my friend.

      • I’m serious about the boyfriend stuff. My daughter’s first boyfriend and most since have had to keep up with her intellectually, not just be “cute”. Her first serious boyfriend came when she was 12, stuck around for three years, and they are still close friends. They got together as friends during their college Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks!

      • bgddyjim says:

        I could only hope to be so lucky. Thanks man.

  3. Jim,
    So awesome you got to have that experience with your daughter. My girls were never into those dances. It is great to see our kids in their environment and having fun being kids.
    It goes so fast.
    Cheers – Andy

  4. Your post prompted me to ask my daughters if they wanted to go to the father daughter ball again this year. They both said yes, so I can’t beat that. By the way, the classic rock station around here plays STP now so that makes me feel old.

  5. Sue Slaght says:

    These will be special memories as if they aren’t already. 🙂

  6. The Guat says:

    So happy to read this post! Love the whole Dad and Daughter dance, our school never had any of that growing up, it’s such a cool idea. And the way you describe your daughters is so lovingly amazing. Glad to hear you had a great night with both your daughter and then later on your wife. Very nice post!!

  7. I love hearing awesome stories about wonderful families. Reading your posts I can sense the loving environment you and your wife provide and model for your kids. So important and as the saying goes, the best thing a father can do for the daughters is love their mother. Your daughters will always remember these father/daughter dances. My heart is always full when my Hubby does things like this with our girls. Anyhow, thanks for sharing:)

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thank you, and my pleasure. I never heard that one, about fathers loving their wives for their daughters… It does make perfect sense though. Thank you.

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