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Stoked!!! With A Capital “S”

March 2015

Fantasy Cycling is here. There’s quite a list of teams already. I’m reblogging this post for you, my friends, not because I’m going to partake – I most certainly am not, but because you might.

Here’s my problem: To really enjoy the fullness of cycling, there are two things that make a fantasy sport impossible. One, I’d rather ride than spend my time on my fantasy team. Second, cycling is not cheap, my friends. If I’m going to enjoy it, I have a couple of other businesses to keep my eye on.

That said, if you have the time, enjoy.

A Girl, Her Bike, and Their Journey


I’m so excited. I’m a bit of a nerd(good thing) and I’m very analytical. I have fantasy teams in other sports that I absolutely love. You learn so much about the inner working of each sport you choose to manage. You begin to realize all the screaming and yelling at your favorite team for the dud of a draft pick they picked up in the off-season wasn’t so unwarranted. You see the restraints of a salary cap, or the position you drew in the draft was unfavorable. Fun stuff!!! I know you are wonder big time now why I’m so stoked. So without further ado…… Here it is:

Velo Manager 

Yes you guessed or maybe you didn’t, it’s okay. I never dreamed they would come up with a free management game where you can own your own cycling team. So far it has been awesome. I’ve learn more about…

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