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Two more Godforsaken Days of Cold…

March 2015

Today and tomorrow, that’s all that’s left…  My new tires should be at the shop along with a new chain and a new cassette for the 5200 (technically last year’s tires from the Venge are going onto the Trek).  New cables this year, as I replace them every two years whether they’re needed or not, will finish out the tuneup and have me ready for the Spring. We should be riding this Saturday or Sunday (or both) with temps reaching 40 degrees for the first time since November.

No more of this:

Much more of this (with a vest, arm and leg warmers of course):

I almost can’t contain myself I’m so giddy.  While I truly dislike winter, it does have one redeeming quality…  Absence makes the heart grow fonder – and other than our week down in Florida riding leisure bikes, real, good, old-fashioned fresh air blowing through the hair (by way of the vents in my dome protector) has been entirely too absent.

I won’t, of course, ride the Venge right out of the gate.  For Venge Day I have a particular set of criteria that the weather need meet before I’ll put that rubber to road:

  1. After the first long rain of the spring.
  2. Temps 45 and rising (though I am definitely willing to relax that down).
  3. Less than 20% chance of rain with a clear radar though I prefer the sun to be shining for that momentous occasion.
  4. Generally speaking, I like for Venge day to be a medium to easy ride so I can take my time enjoying the feel of the bike again before I absolutely tear ass on her.

The reasoning is simple:  My Trek is a terrific bike.  It’s not the Venge, but it’s nice and this Spring I’ve got her dialed in quite a bit better than last year – it’ll be a much more enjoyable ride starting out.  The Venge also cost me five times more than the Trek, better to let that bike take the early-season dirt, rain and other road junk left after a long winter.

So, after a long, hard winter season, let the outdoor cycling begin!


  1. tischcaylor says:

    I like the idea of Venge Day.

  2. elisariva says:

    I am waiting until the snow melts to under 12 inches inmy yard. And I have a cross bike! This winter has been brutal!

  3. PedalWORKS says:

    Venge Day! I have a Garneau Day. The first ride of the season on my best ride. I too wait for warmer, dry weather and train on the Roberts until then. Right now the Garneau is torn apart awaiting new compact chainrings. Have fun this weekend.

  4. Harv says:

    It’s warming up here in the UK too. I’m starting to get a little excited about some long rides on my very own Trek! I’m looking at some options for something new and we may eve have a Bianchi day here sometime in the next couple of months.

    Looking forward to reading all about Venge Day! Should be a National Holiday! Enjoy…

  5. I love that Trek, classic lines.

    Hopefully if the weather forecast is correct I should be taking the carbon TT bike out for it’s first road blast of the year this weekend! Looking forward to gunning it around outdoors instead of sweating over it on the turbo. It’s been too long…

  6. Paige says:

    It was 72 today at my house! Well, that was before the “cold” front blew through. Now it’s in the low 50’s. Brrrrr

  7. isaac976 says:

    i never knew cables needed to be changed.. oops.. rode my MTB and Road bike cables till they either break or I just wanted a better upgrade. If not I never thought of it

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