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Cycling Season Started Today!…

March 2015
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The snow still covers the land like a blanket, making even the modest sunshine we had, blinding and held the ground temps down.  We’re still dealing in “feels like” temperatures but anything above freezing after the last month-and-a-half feels like a glorious heat wave.  I couldn’t possible be expected to stay on the couch today…

However, the world is not perfect. My wife and I did a solid 45 minutes on the trainers yesterday and took the girls to open-swim last night, which pretty much meant several 25 yd races for me so Bella could see if she could beat the old fart.  Funny thing is, she’s close.  Hasn’t even hit her twelfth birthday and I can only barely hold her off for 25 yards.  Double that and she’d smoke me, though I’m getting faster too.  Good times.  

In any event, where this gets tricky is tomorrow.  The whole gang is meeting for the first ride of the year.  We’re not exactly easing into it either.  We’re slated for fifty miles (though I’m guessing my friends and I may just let the racers have at it and cut ten off off).  Either way, we’re jumping in both feet.  Tuesday is supposed to be a whopping 55 degrees and sunny, so the club ride is back on as well so when I went out today, I wanted to – no, had to take it easy so I’m fully prepared for tomorrow.  I took the fat-tire bike out for a ride up to the bike shop:

I did pretty well to keep a lid on my enthusiasm, as you can see by the short distance, but I before I left I’d planned to keep that down around 12 mph.  Oops.

Looking back on the winter, I’m quite happy with how training went.  I worked a lot harder this year and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be in great shape to really enjoy a fast season.  

Anywho, to keep from making a long post out of a short subject, it was great to be outside again…  Finally!  

Good God I missed the fresh air!


  1. “Good God I missed the fresh air!”

  2. Dan In Iowa says:

    14 mph AVERAGE???? On a fat bike???? I’m not EVER calling you an old fart!!

  3. Anthony says:

    I am looking forward to my first ride of the season too–though I think I will wait until the temperatures get above zero.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Zero C or zero F?

      • Anthony says:

        zero C–yes some people are out riding in this, but I am not yet equipped for that.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Yup, it takes some specialty clothing for it. It was -1 at the start of our ride today but we’ve been dealing with -10 to -20 for so long it felt like a heatwave. All temps above are Celsius for your benefit.

      • Anthony says:

        Of course I meant physically equipped, but I also meant mentally. I look forward to the day I can contemplate it–hopefully as summer turns to fall here in Ontario–but that’s a long way off. I’ve got the first steps before the big steps.

      • bgddyjim says:

        I can give you some tips, having gone from a max low temp of maybe 8 C down to -3 in the last year… Keep your neck warm. Balaclavas, even cheap, thin ones are fantastic. Use leg warmers AND knee warmers and your legs will be comfy below -5. Wear a hat with ear flaps under your helmet. Then, a nice thermal jacket and a single layer underneath and you should be good (my jacket retails for $200, a Specialized Element, but it’s worth every penny). You’ll get there. Cycling in the cold isn’t near as fun as summer cycling but it beats the indoor trainer. Happy cycling.

  4. You started the season the right way… on a MOUNTAIN BIKE!!!!

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