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Daily Archives: March 8, 2015

And So It Begins…  The 2015 Road Cycling Season.

Look at that sunshine!  And 28 degrees even… It felt like a heat wave.  This photo was taken about two miles from the meeting place.

We had a pretty fair group for as cold as it was to start and much to my surprise, we kept it quite civil from the start.  A couple of the guys were struggling to hang on when the horses kicked up the speed so even the racers among us decided to take it easy.  The temp made it up to about 36 degrees and we managed 37 miles in a little over two hours.  I found myself in excellent shape.  To start it was a little rough but I found my legs and lungs about 10 miles in.  At about the 22 mile mark the racers decided to make it a race and we (five of us, all mere avid enthusiasts) let them go and held our steady pace.  I felt excellent throughout and had to be careful, especially when I was pulling up hills, not to drop three of the four guys.  That’s exactly where I want to be starting the season and on the “B” bike no less.

I finished fresh and with a smile on my face, knowing I could have handled another mile or two per hour on our average and still been great.

Two most excellent takeaways from today’s ride:

I got an excellent tip from a soon-to-be pro mountain biker at the shop about cold thighs…  This has been one of my most hateful parts of cycling in temps below freezing.  He said he uses two pair of leg warmers, different brands so the sizing isn’t exactly the same.  I ended up using my leg warmers and my knee warmers and that was excellent.  My legs were comfy the whole ride which meant they never seized up on climbs.  Awesome.

Second, I am smack dab in the middle of my “post-ride endorphin high”.  Oh how I missed this….  I feel absolutely amazing.  

Cycling is absolutely badass.