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It was a matter of time and Time ran out…  My “nothing says over 40 than…” moment.  

March 2015
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I never would have thought the words, “Nothing says over 40 like” would hurt.  I am over 40, happily so.  I make no apologies for skipping out on silly fashion statements that shout, “I respect no one, including myself”.  Fashion statements that might make me a little more hip, yet silly at the same time.  For example, the saggy pants syndrome, ear gauges and tattoos where they show (neck, forearms, etc.).  

Alas, the fella who writes PEDALworks wrote a post in which he mentioned single-spacing after a period.  In the comment section, I inquired about the reasoning behind the single-space.  He hadn’t replied as of this morning so I Googled a string that included “single space after period” and got this post:

Nothing Says Over 40 Like Two Spaces After A Period.

I actually got misty in my left eye.  No shit, solid as a rock me.  I can remember making fun of my long-since-passed dad about his being over 40.  Now I’m that guy.  Dammit, when did that happen?  The thoughts flashed through my head pretty quickly but they lingered as I read on.  It turns out that we now single-space because a word processor spaces letters more evenly than a typewriter, what I learned to type on, did.  Two spaces is so automatic that I didn’t even realize I used two in that first paragraph.  I did in this one too.

In any event, the author’s snark (snark that I use a lot btw) earned her some pretty stiff rebukes in her comments section.  Enough that she wrote another mea culpa post bemoaning her mistake, “ageism” and so forth.  Humorously, I knew reading the first post that the author was over forty…  How could you be “ageist” if you throw yourself under the bus and are simply writing a humorous post about single-spacing after a period!?  I digress.

Her post went viral and that brought the pissy-pants crowd out of the woodwork.  See, I was emotionally effected by the title.  I may be an awesome forty but I’m still forty.  I was, much as I’d rather dismiss it, affected by the post.

And therein lies the rub.

However, that’s not the end of the story.  Since when have we become such a silly, pants-wetting lot that for someone to poke a little fun becomes an egregious error?  Ageism?!  Firing someone simply because they’re old could be ageism – assuming of course, the old fella isn’t hitting on everything under 40 in a skirt.  Poking fun at the fact that there exists a group of adults who learned how to type on a typewriter is plain-old funny – even if that bus rolls over me too.

This claiming of politically correct moral high-ground for the simple joy of ripping someone a new ass is getting way out of hand – I touched on this in a post about holding the door open for ladies the other day…  The sad truth is, it says more about one who would claim indignation for things so trivial than it does about the original author.  

Write on Jennifer, you got me.

And before you head to the comments section to complain, I did a stretch as a bed wetter as a kid.  Touché bitches.



  1. elisariva says:

    I am proud to be in the over 40 club. That said, a very necessary benefit of the double space exists for all iPhone text users. A double space indicates the end of a sentence and a period is automatically entered. Regardless of age, it helps when typing.

    As for aging – my theory: 20’s are the adult fun years – responsible for actions but can do crazy poop; 30’s are the grown up landing years – the decade to really find what you are doing now that you are grown up; the 40’s – the best decade to enjoy the fruits of success and really live it.

  2. garym6059 says:

    Wow, I read that other article also, some people really have nothing better to do in life than act like a douche. I’m not 40 (yet) but I had to learn on a typewriter like everyone else when I took typing class many moons ago in high school.

  3. Sheree says:

    Ah, to be only 40 again!

  4. PedalWORKS says:

    LOL. I am long past 40 and have only just converted to single spaces following a period. It makes me feel younger. 🙂

  5. biking2work says:

    Now I do feel old. Didn’t know about the single space thing until I read this. But just to annoy others who don’t like it and partly because it’s an ingrained lifelong habit I’ll keep the double spacing (it just FEELS right). AND my Galaxy won’t give me a cap unless I double space after ending a sentence anyway…

  6. A mere 40 just a young stripling. Now when I learnt with a quill pen and ink from an inkwell . . . . . . .
    (Look it up youngsters)

  7. I am well into the 40’s looking at 50. To me it is just a number. I’m a single space guy myself.

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