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Don’t ride it like you stole it.  Ride it like you bought it.

One of the quotes that drives me up a wall is, “Ride it (or drive it) like you stole it”.  On one hand, it is “cute” in a criminal sort of way.  On the other, what this world needs is not more hugs, kisses, unicorns, rainbows or Care Bears.  It does need more respect for one another.  Stealing someone else’s stuff is the ultimate lack of respect – and what is often done with stolen bikes could easily called sacrilege.

Call me whatever you like, “ride it like you stole it” is…  Just… Wrong.

I much prefer “ride it like you bought it” because it implies respect.  If I were to ride my bikes like I stole them, I’d treat them like crap rather than taking the time to maintain them.

Had I stole my bikes I’d leave them out in the shed where they’d be out of the way, in lieu of hanging them with care in the spare bedroom.  I wouldn’t spend time every week degreasing and lubing the chains, cleaning them meticulously so they maintain that new look for years, changing out the shifter cables every year (or as needed on the Venge – internal routing is the BEST).

I haven’t ridden a bike like I stole it since I was a kid – and no, I didn’t steal a bike when I was a kid.  My parents bought one for me and I treated it like a rented mule.

UPDATE:  A fella who goes by “writingbolt”, in the comments section, correctly points out that we ought not spare the paint job whilst pursuing our daily cranking of the pedals, instead taking it slow and steady so as to preserve the paint job.  Regular readers of this blog will know right away that this wasn’t the intent of the post and that I certainly don’t skulk about to preserve the sheen of the paint.  On the other hand, he’s got a point and it would have helped to clarify that in the post. 

UPDATE #2:  The Fossil Cyclist recommends “Ride it like you mean it” as a good way to be more inclusive.  Eloquently put.