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Fifteen Miles of Raw, Gnarly Suckin’…  I Mean Cyclin’


March 2015

I’m sitting in my car writing this. The heater pegged and the thermostat shows 37 degrees:

What that photo doesn’t show is the sustained 20 mph winds with gusts approaching 30.  I still showed up for the club ride even if 75% of the group stayed home.  So did my buddies Mike and Brad.  

We did the seven mile warmup loop though there wasn’t much warming going on there. It sucked but we had a laugh about it. The tailwind for three miles was at least nice. The ride started woefully understaffed at six on the nose and the few racers broke away after a mile.  I could have gone with, I had plenty of leg, but Mike and Dale hung back so I decided to hang with them.  We anticipated a break when we turned north, only to find the wind had shifted more toward the north – and had picked up steam since the warmup.

We called no mas maybe a minute later.  Rather than head back we chose to do the warmup lap again and then call it good.  We ended up with fifteen miles but there wasn’t much fun to be had. Even a quick little 32 mph sprint failed to put a full shit-eating grin on my face (just a partial).

I told my wife I had no fun.  That’s an over exaggeration, I did have some fun but it did suck.  Better than sitting home of course, but not much.

Okay, now I have to get my butt in the house and get out of this garb.  A hot cup of coffee and a shower and I should be good.


  1. Those rides either make you tough or prove how tough you already are.

  2. bribikes says:

    Look on the bright side, you did avoid frostbite, hurray!

  3. My friend Mike calls windy days the opportunity for us flat landers to do some hill training!

  4. Dan In Iowa says:

    Boy do I know that feeling!! I love the wind…..when it’s to my back! 😉

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