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Bike Quiz:  You just got a new cassette and chain put in your bike.  While out on your first ride…

This is the first post in a new series I’ll be running on Fit Recovery called Bike Quiz.  I hope you either A), enjoy the post B) get a good laugh or C) learn something from one of my oft-made mistakes and get a laugh from my self-deprecating style of looking at life and, um, cycling.  That said, here’s the scenario:

You just had a new cassette and chain put on your bike.  The first time you take the bike out you notice a faint (minor) clicking when you pedal in the three smaller cogs on the cassette, but only when you pedal.  What do you do?

A)  Get off the bike mid-ride, slam it to the ground and walk home or call your significant other for a lift.

B) Sue the bike shop (or yourself, obviously, if you put the cassette and chain on) for poor workmanship, take to tweeter and the social media discouraging everyone on the interwebz from frequenting the establishment.

C) Take the 1m:24s required to index and dial in the rear derailleur after your ride (or during if you’re on a long one).