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Bike Quiz:  All of a Sudden the D@^^n Bike is Hard to Shift…  What Do You Do?!

You went out yesterday and rode through a hurricane.  Fortunately the wind was at your back so it was neat hitting 84 mph, soft pedaling.  Unfortunately, there was a spot of rain you had to drive through.

The next day you head out to recon the damage, running through a few chin-deep puddles.  Or you cycle in England, pretty much the same thing.  On your way home you hit a dry stretch and go to shift into the big dog (that’s the big chain ring, Noobs) only to hear a gnarly screech and your two shifting fingers break at the knuckle.

What do you do?

A.  Take the bike home, hit eBay and upgrade the shifters and dérailleurs.

B.  Decide that you really don’t need the big ring anyway and vow to become the fastest baby ring cyclist EVAH!

C.  Dude, bust out the lube!

D) Pull over and wave the bike above your head, waiting for the team car to promptly deliver you a fresh one.  (Thanks to the tempo cyclist for that one)