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Brillianize: ┬áPossibly the Best Carbon Fiber Frame Cleaner and Polish on the Market.

I had a job about five years ago that called for some beautiful and exceptionally expensive ceiling tile.  The tile came with a specialty cleaning product that we used to pretty up the tile in the event fingerprints were left on the tile:

Now, if you know anything about acoustical ceilings you know the tile in those to photos are wildly expensive.  The owner spent ridiculous amount of money on those two ceilings but I’m here to tell you, they looked awesome when we were done (especially the first one).  In any event, we were supplied with a lot of polish for the tile.  I left some on site and brought the rest back to my office where it sat for several years.

Last week, my wife picked up a bottle of the polish and asked if we could use it for anything or if we should get rid of it…  I read the spray bottle:
Hmm…  Plastic Cleaner…  Then I got to the small print in the red bubble:  Carbon Fiber.  I knew exactly what I was going to try the stuff on.  Last week, Sunday, was Venge Day around these parts and it just so happened that about one mile into our 47 mile ride, I rode through some unavoidable cow manure (a farmer sprayed his field within hours of hour ride and failed to wait for the sprayer to quit spraying before he pulled onto the road – there was no avoiding it).  After my nap I cleaned off what little remnants were stuck to the frame and pulled out the Brillianize…  The results were nothing short of astounding (and keep in mind, this bike is more than 1-1/2 years old and has in excess of 5,000 miles on it):
That photo was taken with my iPhone too – it’s not even a decent camera.  I simply followed the instructions on the package and ten minutes later, well it looks better today than it did on the showroom floor.  And the best part is the stuff is relatively cheap (between $5 and $6) for a bottle that should last years.  A simple Google search will turn up about a dozen places to buy it, and I cannot recommend the product for cleaning and polishing a carbon fiber bike highly enough.  It’s fantastic.

Stay tuned to fit recovery tomorrow, March 22, 7:00 am EST

I wrote a post last evening that is my best work yet when it comes to funny cycling stuff…  Tested on my wife first, she laughed (yes, out loud) from the second paragraph until long after the last period…

It posts tomorrow, Sunday morning, at 7 am.