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Bike Quiz:  What is that Squeaky Sound, and Why is Backpedaling so Sluggish?!

This one just happened to me on Saturday…  Entirely out of the blue.  Friday’s ride it was fine, Saturday, squeaky.

You’re riding along and you notice a squeak when you pedal, forward or backward, and it’s driving you up a f@cking wall (or you don’t even notice it till someone asks you why your bike is so squeaky).  While riding, you think it’s coming from the back of the bike but you’re not entirely certain…

What do you do?

A) Panic, bikes aren’t supposed to squeak!  You take a shortcut back home, throw the bike in the car and immediately take it over to the shop.  On arriving, they inform you that they’ll have it figured out and fixed next week, sometime.

B) Clean and lube the chain.  When that doesn’t do it, you figure skip it, the universe has given you a squeaky bike so you’ll grow to love it’s squeakiness.  You also blame yourself for thinking a squeaky bike into being and forcing the universe’s hand.  (LOL)

C) Take your dirty steed to the power wash.  Obviously the dirt on the frame is making the bike squeak. You liberally blast the hell out of every nook and cranny of the bike and let it air dry, only to find that now everything on the bike squeaks so you refer to B.

D) Don’t panic.  Finish your ride strong, shower, eat, take a nap and bust out the lube and cleaning products after you’re refreshed.