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Funny Things I’ve Seen in Cycling: Specialized’s “Duh” Moment…

This cycling helmet retails for $160:  

Now most people who ride a bike will, ironically, ask if I hit my head, paying that much for a bicycle helmet.  $160 is a lot of dough when you can buy a helmet that protects the dome just as well for $40 or $50.

Now, I ride enough to know that the helmet is worth the money, and that’s the important part.  This is the inside of the helmet:  

FRONT?!  No shit Batman!  Here’s the back:  

Now, first things first:  The necessity for that sticker is not without precedent.  There are photos on the Internet showing folks riding with their helmets backward.  In 100% of those photos…  All of them, they’re wearing cheap helmets.

The point, of course, is this:

If you’re dumb enough to drop $160 on a freaking helmet, you’re smart enough to know which is “Front”.

Wait, that didn’t come out right.


20 Sunny But Cold Miles…

It being a Saturday, I’d normally be riding with my buds.  It being cold as all get out we decided to go it alone today and meet tomorrow morning for a 50 miler.  When I woke up this morning, we were into the “feels like” temps.  8 degrees (that’s -13 C).  Ugh.  I decided it prudent to wait to ride until the sun had a bit of time to warm things up a bit…

In the meantime I read a post written by Dan in Iowa that reminded me of why I dig cycling so much.  At noon it was only 27 and with the wind it “felt like” 14.  What to do, what to do!

I suited up, decided on 20 miles and hit it.  Ten of the first eleven miles were into the wind.  A pair of leg warmers and knee warmers, wool socks and toe covers wasn’t enough.  My upper body was fine in my Specialized Element 2.0 jacket but everything below my thighs froze and that whole 20 miles was work.  None of that ride put a smile on my face.  

Still, I couldn’t help but be glad I rode…  Tough miles always come in handy later in the season.