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A Cycling No-No:  Never Ride into the Sun…

I was heading out to pick up our weekly pizza last Wednesday and the sun was just blasting me in the face…  So I did what any cycling blogger would do.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo to show why we never ride into the sun (whether setting or rising):


So tell me punk.  Ya feeling lucky?

Now, we’ve all been in that position in a car but rarely do cyclists piece it all together.

In any event, this is a service announcement for my fellow cyclists.  Keep the rubber side down and pedal.  Faster. 

Stay safe, my friends.

The Peloton Bike…  Why So Bouncy?!  An Abject Lesson in How not to Cycle.

There’s a new exercise bike out.  It looks an awful lot like the Tour de France training bike but with a handlebar that would never go on a real bike, mainly because the handlebar would weigh more than the rest of the bike, but I digress…  It has a huge screen that allows the user to join in with spin classes in New York – which is actually really cool.  In fact, I really like the concept and I don’t mean to be unfairly harsh towards spin classes.  A few of the guys I ride with participate in them through the winter and they’re always better for it.

What drives me nuts about the commercial is all of the bouncing.  I’ll cop to never attending a spin class, so maybe that’s what they teach. My fear is, obviously, that we end up with a new group of Noobs who think that your’e actually supposed to ride a bike like, well, that.

The video above is the long edition, the shorter TV commercial is almost all bouncy – I nearly got seasick watching it (over, and over, and over again – how much coin did they drop on the launch of that thing?!)…  Take the “out of the saddle” bounce by what appears to be the leader of the class.  Folks, that’s not how it’s done.  Here’s the problem:  All of that bouncing up and down is wasted effort, wasted energy.  That might be cool for a commercial or an hour-long spin class but take that on the road and you can expect all of that bouncing to knock off 2-10 mph off of your average and cut your rideable distance down about 82.64% – not to mention the fact that you’d look awful goofy going down the road.

Actually, to get technical with this, if you bounce as much as they do in the commercial, your saddle is too low.  By a lot.

So, my friends, when on a bike – a real bike, leave the bouncing for your spin class.  You will not look impressive, like a badass rockin’ the miles out your road bike.  You will look funny.  Real cyclists, though they may be jerks, will find it difficult to contain the laughter (no matter how small your top is). Save yourself the embarrassment.

Pulling your strings: Stringbike concept



New from Budapest, the Stringbike.  It’s intersting to say the least, with a healthy does of skepticism, however.  But more power to those who continue to push the boundries of technology.

Stringbike 12Stringbike 16Stringbike 13Stringbike 1

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