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A Cycling No-No:  Never Ride into the Sun…

April 2015
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I was heading out to pick up our weekly pizza last Wednesday and the sun was just blasting me in the face…  So I did what any cycling blogger would do.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo to show why we never ride into the sun (whether setting or rising):


So tell me punk.  Ya feeling lucky?

Now, we’ve all been in that position in a car but rarely do cyclists piece it all together.

In any event, this is a service announcement for my fellow cyclists.  Keep the rubber side down and pedal.  Faster. 

Stay safe, my friends.



  1. bonnev659 says:

    sometimes you can’t avoid it but i try to avoid it… when i used to bike to work i would leave early for work to avoid it. but sometimes getting out i had no choice… i even change my route to avoid this where i know the trees would help the sun glare

  2. Good reason to run your lights in the flashing mode even during daylight hours.

  3. Dan In Iowa says:

    Yep, I run my blinky lights constantly on the bike. I also very much value my rear view mirror in those situations!

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Good safety message. Yes I definitely try to avoid it.

  5. EpicGran says:

    The only time I was thankful riding into the rising sun was in a hectic mountain bike race and as we got to this terrible drop off and then sharp incline ( which had a seen properly I may have chickened out and walked) the sun completely blinded me so I rode it having no clue what was happening. I survived!!

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