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Bumper sticker:  Art is Truth?

April 2015
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Art is Truth…  Wait a second, what?!

So sayeth the bumper sticker I saw this morning.  Not surprising, that sticker was right next to an NPR bumper sticker.  On the paint (most normal people put bumper stickers on the glass [where they don’t obscure vision] so they can later be removed easily).

Art is truth?

What about Jesus poop-art?  That’s just stupid and antagonistic, and directed at a group of people whose nature it is to not fight back…  That’s not truth, it’s bullying, but for sissies.



  1. As an artist I can speak to this subject. And unfortunately yes, even the most provocative art, conceived in anger, frustration, angst and fury against conventionality, is a form of truth. And that’s the subtlety. Truth can be ugly and inconvenient. It can challenge your values or your expectations. It can be worthless to society, even horrifically, angrily wrong. Yet it can still be art. And still contain a shred of truth. But art is necessary. The Bible is dependent on the art of metaphor. So is our conception of God. Yet God also does horrific things at times. So it’s all…my friend, in the eye of the beholder. And the Creator.

    • bgddyjim says:

      So, as you state it, art is truth if truth doesn’t mean much. 😎

    • bgddyjim says:

      Christopher, I do see your point but truthfully, and with respect, “art is truth” is something pretentious people with inferiority complexes say to gullible people in the hope they can fool said gullible people into believing they’re intelligent. I’m just not buyin’ it.

  2. biking2work says:

    I was given to believe that truth is a composite of realities on depends on one’s perspective and viewpoint. A truth for me is not the same truth as viewed by someone else. Take for example today’s ride home. There I was minding my iwn business, 10km from home, 2 min after sunset when the next Team Sky supremo decided to pull up next to me in his silver VW van and tell me WHY I should be wearing high viz and not the red back pack with reflector strips, mud guards with reflector strips, a cycling top with reflector strips…Oh and my flashing rear light wasn’t bright enough either but presumably bright enough for him see me & to offer me his version of “truth”. We agreed to disagree once I told him that I am doing nothing illegal (unlike his driving) & that perhaps if he got his lardy butt onto a bike occasionally he might feel better about himself. My point is that we both have our concept of what is “truth”, a composite of our differing realities made up of beliefs and experience. Now there’s an idea for a bumper sticker – “cycling is truth”…

    • bgddyjim says:

      I just figured “Art is truth” is one of those silly things pretentious people say to fool gullible people into believing they’re intelligent. Yeah, I’m sticking with that.

      Cycling is truth works though. 😎

  3. Paige says:

    My husband’s name is Art. He’d put that on his car.

  4. simonwulf says:

    There are some Truths that depend on perception. Most, however are true weather we experience them or not. Don’t tell me that tree never fell down cause no one ever saw it or heard it. The big Boss is the truth that we just can’t seem to perceive away.
    What I wanted to comment on was actually a question about the poop portion of this post. Not clear what was meant .what’s the poop?
    Art is important. But saying it is truth doesn’t make it so. Pretending he was else where while he served his prison term didn’t actually transport Timothy Leary to that place and the LSD guru knew this.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Jesus poop art, where some jackass smears shit on a painting of Jesus. There’s another dipshit who dunked a cross in a jar of urine… I lump that together and call it Jesus poop art because it’s difficult to pretentiously explain that away as necessary when phrased like that – it gives the act of creating such “art” it’s due respect. Little.

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