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Daily Archives: April 10, 2015

Warm at Last, and It’s Just in Time…

Twenty-four short hours to go.  Tomorrow morning.  At long last, we finally get to a little bit of warmth – and the great temps will remain for the next ten days!


The temps finally breaking, obviously, will be taken advantage of.  Today will be a little interesting, I’m thinking we’ll wait till later on this afternoon when the wind is supposed to die down to 15 mph (from 24).  Tomorrow will be a very long ride and then Sunday, look at that, 69 beautiful degrees, is going to be a party.  Ironically enough, I’ll be riding with Mrs. Bgddy and we’ll be heading out for a long one… and we’ll even be able to take the knee warmers off at some point.  Folks, we had to wait a long time for Spring to finally get here but it’s all good now!

Ride safe this weekend my friends.