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Fashionable, Yet Functional, Cycling Wear…


…You know, for those times when you need 5-50 Parachord but still want to match the race bike.

Oh, Sweet Winter, Why I Love Thee…  And a Trip on the Fat-Tire Bike.

Oh, sweet winter, you think I’m about to praise you but you need to get a hold of that insanity right now.  You are a mean, nasty bitch.  However, after three months of you, I do appreciate the other three seasons so much more, because you suck.

You kicked our collective ass again this year.  You started out pretty fair, but good God, did you make up for that nicety by sticking around too long again.  So, with signs of spring all around…

…and as temperatures finally inch closer to that which we keep our homes, I can happily say, “Kiss my ass.  I’ll see you in seven or eight more months.”  I know Bribikes, but let’s face it;  You’re a little loopy and you like that we think so.  It’s okay.

So I took my mountain bike out yesterday, rather than the road bike, for once.  I was talking to a friend on a ride the other day about trail riding and he suggested we head out for a ride sometime soon so I figured it’d be a good idea to get reacquainted with the beast (it’s at least eight points heavier than my Venge, she’s a biggun).  I was in an interesting place going into that mountain bike ride yesterday…  I’d just come off a really tough club ride the night before so technically I should have taken it easy.  I was certainly on the right bike for it.  No-brainer, right?  Unfortunately, we’re supposed to get a little bit hammered with rain today.  If I chose to take it easy, then I’d have an easy day followed by a day off (and we can’t have that).  It was a good pickle, one of those Deli Dills, but a pickle nonetheless.

I decided to take it easy and enjoy the ride.  Final decision.  Once I got going, and after the first few miles of becoming adjusted to the foreign, upright posture of the mountain bike, my legs found their rhythm and I started to kick it a little harder.  Then a little harder, after all, I had such a good ride Tuesday, I should build on it, right?  Of course!

Christopher Cudworth penned a post on the 14th in which he addressed cycling in the Springtime wind.  In that excellent post, he wrote that Eddy Merckx (it is, indeed “Eddy”) used to go out with the wind at his back so he could work harder coming back, thereby building endurance into the end of the workout.  At first, I thought that was nuts, we always head home with the wind at our backs – but building in the wind at the end does make sense, in a masochistic way.  So I did it yesterday.  On a mountain bike.  Sitting upright.  Oh yeah, and that last mile into the wind had the steepest climb of the day.  So there’s that too.  It pretty much sucked and made me question my sanity, so it’s fair to say it worked great!  I like it.

In any event, it was a pretty decent ride considering that I took the first four miles easy.  I ended up with a 15 mph average over 17-1/2 miles on rutty dirt roads.  So far for the week, I’m already working on 118 miles and we’ve got a big weekend planned:

IMG_6953  IMG_6954