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Cycling and What Noobs Really Wanna Know: The Bib Shorts Conundrum…  How To Go Without Making a Mess of It.

Our club recently had a new kit made up…

Life is cruel and unfair.  Bib shorts:  Ask almost anyone who wears them, they are vastly more comfortable and absolutely more visually flattering, than cycling shorts.  With the shoulder straps, tight waistbands aren’t necessary and the mesh holds in the love handles in a lot better.  Male or female, the consensus is, for comfort, bib shorts are where it’s at.

Unfortunately, with all of the vast technology available to us in 2015, they haven’t yet been able to design a pair of bibs with a breakaway strap (or two for the ladies) so they can be lowered to a point where relieving oneself becomes simple and easy (or maybe such an invention does exist, I just haven’t found it yet).

Now, if you’re squeamish, don’t click the “More” button to read the rest of this post.  If you don’t see the “More” button to click, you landed directly on this post…  Know this gets a little crazy, but pretty much stays PG to PG 13…  Read on at your own risk..  I don’t want to read any whining in the comments section – you were fairly warned:  (more…)