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We Are the Affable Hammers…



I won’t lie…   I had my misgivings about the name at first.  After all, you can make a pretty big mess of “Affable”.  On the other hand, it actually fits and the more I think about it, the more I like it.  We really are an affable bunch and many of us are hammers.  In fact, the name also sounds…um, mature.  This makes sense too.  At 44, I think I’ll be one of the youngest guys wearing that kit, by as many as 20 years.

So, if you’re wondering exactly what the definition of “Affable” is, here:  friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to.

Too often in cycling, you hear about the snobbery involved in the sport.  Much of the assumed snobbery, I believe, is misperceived self-preservation, but there’s no doubt that some cyclists are entire DB’s.  Our gang are almost to a man, friendly, good-natured and easy to talk to.  The only two prerequisites are that you’re fast and can ride your bike well (mainly because we’re fast).  You pass those two and you’re in.

I ride with a no-BS triathlon National Champion (Age Group – as in fastest in the USA – Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon), several Cat 3 masters racers, a few Cat 4’s, a one-time State Champion…  You get the idea, we have some hammers, and the reason for the two prerequisites is simple:  We don’t wait up for anybody because everyone gets dropped.  I’ve seen that group start with more than 30 and end up with four guys pulling into the parking lot (my friends and I cheat – we all drop at the same time and take a 3 mile shortcut so we almost always beat the lead guys back).

In any event, poke fun if you will, I kinda like the geezerly name.  If the s#!t fits, wear it.

It does.  I am an Affable Hammer.


Unprecedented…  Three Days Off.

I’m sore, a little cranky and I miss my bikes…  Three days off, in a row.  I am not using the word “unprecedented” in the title as many people misuse the word “literally” – overzealously.  I can’t remember being sick and taking three days off.  Alas:

Awfully late in April for a snow storm, but there it is.  Stuck all over my windshield.

It was rainy with 35 mph winds yesterday.  Rainy and 30 mph winds the on Monday.  


I haven’t missed three days in a row in more than four years.  Brighter weather on the horizon though.  I’ll have a lot of miles to catch up on come the weekend.