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Fit Recovery on How to Make a 40 Mile Ride Easy

I went for a 43 mile ride with my friends this morning.  We kept it between 18 & 20 mph the whole way, just a tandem, my buddy Mike and I.  We rode in a classic pace line formation for maybe 15 miles of that ride, the rest was a staggered formation where nobody got much of an advantage.  It was a fun, easy, enjoyable ride.  In fact, one of the more enjoyable in recent memory.

So, how does one make that easy?

Train for 24 mph.  Of course

The New Benefits of Drinking Coffee!!!

Have you heard!  There’s a new study out that shows impressive benefits for those who enjoy their daily cup of coffee!  What are they?  Um.  Uh, yeah.  I don’t know.  I turned the TV off after I heard the teaser, before the report aired.

Three weeks ago, or so, there was another report that brought light to a study that purported to show coffee as having negative affects. 

A month or two before that it was good.  Another month or two before that, it was bad.  This has gone on for decades.  Tennis matches have fewer swings.

The truth?  Good God, who knows.  We do know it has more free radical killing anti-oxidants per cup than any other foodstuff, by several times, known to mankind.  Seriously.  Coffee puts the blueberry or the acai berry to shame.  Green tea?  It’s not even close.  We also know that if you separate the compounds of coffee (I think there are 27) and inject those compounds into rats in amounts that no human (let alone a rat) could consume, several will cause cancer.  What does this show?  If you drank five gallons of coffee a day, it might be bad for you.  Let’s say this isn’t exactly shocking.

The point is, this is something as simple as coffee and they still can’t figure out if it’s good or bad.  

My reality is that I don’t care anymore.  I’m going to drink coffee because I love coffee.  We also know coffee is good cycling fuel.  

I already had mine and at the time this is published, I’ll be out on a sixty miler.  We do know that’s good for a person!  Or maybe not.