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Fit Recovery on How to Make a 40 Mile Ride Easy


April 2015

I went for a 43 mile ride with my friends this morning.  We kept it between 18 & 20 mph the whole way, just a tandem, my buddy Mike and I.  We rode in a classic pace line formation for maybe 15 miles of that ride, the rest was a staggered formation where nobody got much of an advantage.  It was a fun, easy, enjoyable ride.  In fact, one of the more enjoyable in recent memory.

So, how does one make that easy?

Train for 24 mph.  Of course


  1. exmaschine says:

    18-20….easy?!?! I curse you…to the ends of the earth! 😁😬😝
    Easy for you buddy…I’m just cracking a 16 avg on my rides this year.
    Guess I have to aim for 20+…

  2. James L says:

    I have just broke my first 5 miles on my bike. My chest felt like it was going to explode, but I will get there at some point!

    • bgddyjim says:

      You will. When I started out, the best I could do was 4 miles in a touch over 16 minutes on a mountain bike and I thought I was going to die half way through. Two months later and I was holding that for ten miles. A year later and I was handling 30 miles at 20-21 mph on a road bike. It takes time, but fast comes if you work for it. Good luck!

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