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Super-Sexy Awesome Venge Awesomeness Watts: “Venge, Meet S-Works.  S-Works, Welcome Home, Baby!”

Aw yeah, $500 worth of puddin’:

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a 16 pound bike and I’m done.  No more upgrades, no more toys, I need nothing else on the Venge.  It’s perfect!

Getting there wasn’t without its headaches though…

It all sounds so easy.  The Venge has an industry standard BB-30 bottom bracket, the spider (the thing that holds the chainrings together with the crank arms) even works with my old FSA chainrings.  Perfect!


Well, not really.  However, I will cut to the chase and say that my local shop, the mechanics, Matt Assenmacher (the owner), and Specialized, hooked my Venge ownin’ @$$ up!  The journey was Paris-Roubaix, on the cobbles, rather than smooth asphalt, but there it is, in HDR and full Chrome color.  What I thought was going to be a week off of my bike and $250 more, as of Tuesday evening, turned out to be less than 24 hours and not one additional penny.
So, before I get into the drama, allow me to say thank you Matt, Mike, Justin and Specialized.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this ordeal smell like Boeshield T-9 in the end.   IMG_7051
Seriously, Boeshield T-9.  I gotta check with Mrs. Bgddy to see if she’ll put a drop behind each ear for date night next week!  Bow-chicka-wow-wow!  I digress, obviously.

The Drama

I got the text yesterday morning, the final cog in the machine that became my beautiful, light, new crank set was delivered to the shop.  3M DP-420 epoxy.  Why the epoxy, you ask?  See, I have a natural ability in this regard, to figure out, beforehand, what the normal person will ask next…  It’s a gift.  The epoxy was needed because the old bottom bracket cups were plastic and had to go.  Fortunately, the new crankset came with two new metal cups.  They had to be epoxied into the frame, according to specialized.  If that wasn’t enough of a pain, the epoxy retails for $30, for one use (both cups being “one use”).  The cups had to be replaced, as was stated by one of the mechanics, because the plastic ones wear out over time.

So I get the bike into the shop and we start taking the old crank apart and cleaning the chainrings up.  Mike put the rings on the spider and the nuts were too wide to tighten down all the way.  The necessity for $250 worth of chain rings loomed…  And that’s where we (I) left it.  I hoped Matt would be able to figure something out.  Prayed is more like it.

Mrs. Bgddy was not happy the $500 bill looked like it was about to have babies.

Yesterday morning, after Matt had a minute for a cup of coffee, I called to find out if I was going to spend the night in a tent, in the back yard.  Matt said that they’d solved all of the issues and were in the process of putting the new cups in right then.  He said my bike would be ready by the time I got out of work.  All they needed was a spacer at each of the spider bolts.   
It just so happened that the Specialized rep was in town while the work was just starting.  He was well versed in the installation of S-Works cranks so he gave Matt all of the tips and approved workarounds to get the job done.  No worries.

Now, I was advised that it would be a good idea to let the epoxy cure overnight.  According to the write-up on the epoxy, it’s 2/3’s the strength after five hours and 82% after six and I picked it up about seven hours after the epoxy was mixed…  It was so, utterly tempting to take the Venge out but common sense prevailed…  Why risk it?  I rode the Trek yesterday instead.  With that kind of cash involved, better safe than sorry.
Now that’s sexy baby.  Dropped a full three-quarters of a pound and the style watts are through the roof!

2013 Venge Comp.  Out of the box weight:  18.2 pounds, sans pedals and cages.

After new wheels, stem, handlebar and crank:  16.6 pounds, sans pedals and cages (17.4 pounds with).  I am a happy man.