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Can a $500 Bike Keep Pace with an $10,000 Bike?


It’s all about the fit and the engine.

There’s some harsh language.  The guy is a bit of a conversational cripple but you’ll get the point.

Now, let’s just forget for the moment that, yes, he did keep up but he sucked wheel the entire time to do it.  That said, I do agree with his sentiment, for the most part…  It doesn’t matter what your bike cost.  What is important is that we’re out there having fun.  That’s what cycling is all about anyway.  If you can afford a $10,000 bike, great.  Have at it, and ride that ride with a smile.  If you can’t, ride what you can well and nobody will care.  

Or buy a $3,500 bike and pimp it out over two years…  That seems to work pretty well.




  1. Sue Slaght says:

    “What is important is that we’re out there having fun.” Couldn’t agree more Jim. Even I will admit a little technical assistance makes it more fun. 🙂

  2. thesportsfan says:

    Like everything else in life you have to pay for what you need. (And what you can afford). A $500-$1000 bike can’t handle the streets in the Cd Juarez-El Paso border. Believe me. The wheels get banged up, the shifters get knocked out. You need quality parts that can stay in place until your next service. And the carbon fiber frames absorb shock ten times better than aluminum. Your rear end will thank you.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, there’s no doubt! I’d never go back to an aluminum frame, NEVER. However, the main point was with a little extra effort and want to, until one gets to the upper crust of cyclists, a $500 can suffice if that’s what one can afford. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thomas Clayton says:

    Hey Jim it is fun! When I first got back into it here in Greenville , SC, I was ridin’ with sneakers and a steel bike. Rode up a big climb, best I could. Didn’t know it, but beat a CAT 3 racer. He gave me his Look pedals and the shoes to go with them!

  4. A lot of people commit the credit card but do not commit themselves. Thinking that the most expensive bike will make them instantly fast is dilutional.

  5. Mark says:

    Jim can you slice me up a pizza with those tires brother? Just kidding.

  6. exmaschine says:

    Oh no doubt, he is spot on. For us HACKS (non-pro’s) the bike doesn’t matter much, if at all. It’s ALL about personal preference and desire.
    Look, I am an average club rider at best. I hung on to an A pace training group on my $1750 Chinese Flyer Special.

    I rode with guys on 5k, 7k Trek’s, SuperSix’s and C-60’s. I sucked a lot of wheels too, but I also pulled for about a 90 seconds. I would love to have a 10k SuperBike. But it’s about balancing desire with practicality and the bank account!


    • bgddyjim says:

      Yup, no doubt about it… HOWEVER, I’m writing a companion piece to that – it’ll be ready in about ten minutes (I hope) that does delve into a few other aspects to think of… Remembering, we’re talking about a true Entry-Level bike at the $500 price.

      Other than that, I couldn’t agree more.

  7. I was at a triathlon and a woman was riding an old beach cruiser passing, yes passing, riders on road bikes. It is more about the mind and training than the bike. Just get out there and have fun.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Well, that comparison goes a little far. For instance:

      Put me on a leisure bike: 13-14 mph (I would still pass many on road bikes)
      Put me on a mountain bike: 15-17 mph (definitely passing road bikes)
      Put me on an entry-level road bike: 20 mph
      Put me on my Venge: 21-22 mph

      Point is, we shouldn’t all run out and buy beach cruisers because a woman did a triathlete on one and passed some road bikes. We should explore and enjoy the sport, and do what makes us happy. If that’s getting passed by a beach cruiser on a road bike, it’s all good. If that’s blowing by that beach cruiser on a road bike, that’s all good too. 😉

  8. bonnev659 says:

    if you put me on a $10K bike and put Tony Martin on a $499.99 bike I think Tony will win… haha thanks for the read and hope you enjoying the world champs as I am

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