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The Passing of the Bikes…

Mrs. Bgddy and I recently bought my eldest daughter a new Specialized Dolce.  We’ve been back and forth, going on a year now, on whether we should bother investing in a bike for her.  Long enough, in fact, that we were originally planning on getting her a kid’s 650 road bike but she’s to big for that now.

The trick, of course, had been to guess at whether or not she’d ride a road bike.  To say she wasn’t fond of her Trek mountain bike would be an understatement of epic proportions.

We took a vacation to Florida and the parameters of our conundrum changed.  It complicated matters too…  The only bikes anyone had to ride on vacation were leisure bikes.  Now, I chose to pocket my false pride and embrace the horror of riding one of those rather than spend a hundred bucks to rent a road bike for a week.   Funny, 15 mph on a leisure bike takes the effort of 22 on a road bike…  But I digress.  My daughter, the important one in this post, had a blast.  She glowed for weeks about how much fun she’d had riding in Florida.  

That brought a leisure bike [ED. GULP!] into the discussion.  My friends, if you ever needed to know how much I love my daughter, taken in the context of my actual contemplation of buying my own blood and DNA a leisure bike, you know it is deep as the ocean. 

To make this even more interesting, she’s holding a 3.9 and change in school, excelling at her trumpet and swimming and generally being an all-around good kid.  She’s doing so well, we just received tickets through the mail to an Honor’s ceremony at school.

To cut to the chase, when I took her to the bike shop to look at the kid’s 650 and possible leisure options, she hated the color of the kid’s road bike but more importantly, the saleskid, Justin, said the bike was way too small for her anyway.  As soon as she sat in the cockpit, it was obvious…  So he pulled out a 44cm 2013 Specialized Dolce Triple and it was love at first sight. My kid went for that bike like I fell for my Venge, and it fit her, with room to grow, perfectly.

That’s a nice bike for an 11 year-old kid, but she’s worth it…

So we just started going for rides last week and she’s taken to it like it’s the best thing ever.  It turned out, it’s the lack of hills she liked in Florida, not the bike style (thank you Baby Jesus, swaddled in a manger, that it wasn’t the bike).

These photos can wrap up the post and provide more context to her enjoyment than anything I could write:


IN THE DROPS?! Oh, yes, a chip off the old block.


This also meant that the youngest got the Trek mtb.  She made it the whole ride yesterday without a word of complaint – the first time that’s ever happened.  She was dreading the Trek at first but after she got some time on it, it was all smiles and rainbows.  She was glowing about how much easier it was to go fast on that bike over her old one (funny how a decent-fitting bike will do that for a person).

So, at long last, all is well in our cycling world.  I have my estimation of a perfect bike, my wife is infinitely pleased with hers, and the kids are both stoked about their bikes (though now the youngest wants a road bike too so we may end up looking at that 650 anyway).

Cycling life couldn’t be better in the Casa de Bgddy.