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One Of, If Not THE, Coolest Things About Road Cycling…


If there’s anything that gets me a little misty thinking about cycling, one thing that I’m genuinely grateful for…  Besides having the bicycle equivalent of a Ferrari, beyond the fact that I can nearly drop weight at will, beyond the clear head and cleansed heart… Way past the hard work, good food, is one thing that wraps all of those other things up with a bow…  It’s the friendships, new and rejuvenated.

I’ve finally got a sport where I can be the guy that people want to invite to the club ride.  That guy who will lay his guts on the road till he’s absolutely whipped, so his buds can catch a good, fast draft.  The guy who can and will pedal 16 miles an hour into a 20 mph headwind on the bar top so he can block more wind for his wife, then work his ass off to keep up once she’s got the tailwind.  The guy who will do his best for the gang…

It’s said that it is always about the bike.  It is, except when it’s about the engine.

The best thing about road cycling, about cycling with a group of friends, is that I get to be one of those guys...  I love being that guy.

It’s the weekend my friends!  Ride hard, eat well, and Respect the Engine™


  1. Lookit you all serious and shit. That just choked me up. Great work.

  2. my1sttrirace says:

    You are the guy. I like my cycling friends, because we share a common interest, and not much else matters. I’ve rode with guys for years, had great time, and had no idea what they did for a living. All of that other daily crap doesn’t matter, because we were doing what makes us happy.

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    I love the friendships too Jim. Enjoy your weekend.

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