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Ode to a Friend:  82 Miles of #I❤️Cycling…  Plus a Few More for Good Measure.

The #person to whom this post is an #ode will know who #she is.


We #hammered out the #longest-ride of the season Sunday.  65 perfect, yet cloudy degrees at 8 am, #muggy-to-beat-the-band.

There were eight of us, a #tandem and seven single bikes, in a double #pace-line for most of the first half.  Probably not the wisest idea but whatever, we had a #blast.

We were more than forty miles in before our first stop and I was in more #dire need of a Coca~Cola than I can ever #remember.  As could be expected, out in the middle of #nowhere, the lone party store attendant said he “didn’t have a public restroom”.  Well, two points for not #lying.  If anyone, by the way, tells you the bathroom is “#out-of-order”, there’s a probability of 99.785% that he/she is lying.  

Anywho, being out in the middle of nowhere, we made due.  That was our one and only stop.  About 68 miles in it stopped being #fun-and-games and progressed into work.  By 72, I was holding on by my #ass and I had a five mile stretch coming up where I’d be riding solo as the group was taking the short way home.  I headed to the very back for a bit of a rest so I could try to finish strong.  The strategy worked and with two miles under a #tailwind and 3-1/2 with a cross #headwind, I actually managed to increase my average by a tenth.

82 miles, 19 mph.  I spent way too much time up front, as is pretty much par for the course, but hey, you never get faster at the back.

I walked in the door, #smoked, sat down, took off my shoes and Mrs. Buddy says (paraphrasing), “Well don’t get too comfortable, it’s time for the ride with the kids.”  Crap. I’d hoped for a nap first.  I made a simple hotdog lunch for the kids and I, never even took my bibs off, ate and suited up.

I thought about taking the mountain bike for the plush ride but opted for the Venge because Bella digs it.  I did, however, drop the chain into the baby ring and kept it there.  We got in another 6-3/4 miles for just shy of 89 for the day.  

A perfect cap to a great weekend, and the family ride went a long way to loosening up my legs.  #Toocoolman.