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I May Be Done…  With trying to keep track of weekly mileage PB’s.  I can simply accept that miles, in balance, just make life better, and call it good.


Rolling into the 2015 season, my best cycling week ever was around 208 miles, from last August.  I topped that already with a 227 the last week of April (or 240 and change if I went Sunday to Saturday – I can’t quite remember off-hand).

Already this week, I’ve got 159 counting Sunday to Saturday.  With this evening and Saturday remaining (Friday will be a day off).  That’ll be 20 tomorrow and 105 on Saturday in a supported ride.  That’s 284 miles for a full-time dad, boss and husband.

The trick, of course, is the weekend days.  This coming Saturday and last Sunday add up to 187 of those miles, more than 2/3’s of the mileage in just two days.  That leaves just under 100 miles for four days and Tuesday evening is our club ride worth 39 miles.  That’s just one mile short of my best week ever, in three days.  While it seems funny now, looking back on 2011 when I first started cycling and putting in a hundred miles in a week was difficult, with the exception of two big weekend days in one week’s time, I’m actually going to be able to maintain an average rest of the week.  Now granted, I’m counting miles that I haven’t ridden yet, but I don’t need them to make this point…

I am insanely busy with work right now.  I’ve got so much to keep track of, I really don’t know how I’m keeping all of the chainsaws up in the air right now.  But I am.  Taking the weekends, two hours on Tuesday and an hour every other day of the week (minus a day off every now and again) to ride my head straight is keeping me sane and able to deal with life’s problems.

I learned early in recovery that there is only one thing that comes before Sobriety and that’s a loving God, as I understand Him.  Not my wife, not my kids, not my job, home, office, subcontractors, suppliers…  Nothing comes before recovery because without my recovery, everything else is gone.  Well, that one hour a day, two on Tuesday nights, and my longer rides on the weekends are almost as important (though cycling obviously comes after my wife and kids).  I can’t be as good at my job, or as productive, if I don’t have my head squarely attached atop my neck.  I can’t be as happy, joyous and free without some kind of activity that gets the hamster wheel in my head to stop spinning for a while so I can regroup.

Cycling and staying fit, while it does take time, is an integral part of my life’s balance.  While I can, and must from time to time, sacrifice going out for a ride, going more than a day without a good outlet will end up with me ornery and distracted. Two days and I have a tough time falling asleep at night. Before long, my wife and I are arguing about things that are too ridiculous to mention.  After three days (I’ve only ever taken four off at one stretch in the last four years – once) I start to feel sore and have a tough time sleeping through the night.  I simply have to be active if I’m going to be happy.

On the other, there is another side to this equation.  My fitness habit must be held in check, in balance, as well.  Unfortunately, I think getting to 300 miles a week, or even closing in on it, is just a little too much.  But maybe it won’t hurt just this one time.


P.S. If that last sentence didn’t just throw up a huge red flag or make you laugh, you don’t know drunks very well.  It was meant to be a knee-slapper.


  1. IT is good you have the awareness. That’s the ticket. Nothing wrong with testing the limits and seeing what it is you want to sustain. That’s a lot of miles but you’re a good rider and keeping your priorities in line. God Bless and have a good week(end).

  2. Julia says:

    I know what you mean about finding it hard to get a balance between work and keeping fit and getting out there on the bike. Summer is so much better simply because of the light late at nights. I can go a few days without exercising but then I start to get really narky and have to do something. No bad thing though I don’t think!

  3. tischcaylor says:

    I really struggle with this sometimes. Definitely get that “selfish mom” guilt thing going on. But this helps put it in perspective (in terms of my own issues). Great post!

  4. bonnev659 says:

    at times it is hard to keep track, but now a lot of programs does it for you. i used to use excel and pen & paper to keep track but now i let the programs do it for me.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, the programs are way less time-intrusive than writing it out or typing it out on a computer! No way I’d go that route though I do understand why some do. Thanks for commenting.

      • bonnev659 says:

        before i had a gps, i used a mapping site and figure out manually all my rides and runs (it was fun planning them or trying to remember which street you got lost when you are traveling 70% of the time). trying to figure out how to get back to the hotel without going thru a few rough areas of town

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