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The Perfect Cycling Anniversary!  PB’s All Over the Place and an Excellent 106 Miles.  Proof that Perfection Can Be Achieved (though not anticipated)


My friend Dennis likes to say that he is proof that perfection can be achieved…  We always laugh at him but we ran into the cycling equivalent of that yesterday.  Even the 7,250 feet of elevation gain was pretty awesome – especially for a bunch of flat-landers.  If that wasn’t enough (and it is) I didn’t know, until Friday night, that Saturday was my cycling anniversary, four years.  So I was able to announce on the blog that Feed the Engine Apparel was finally rolling, we did the first 100+ of the Horsey Hundred, climbed more vertical feet in one ride than ever before, and all on the day of my cycling anniversary!

IMG_7538 IMG_7540

So let’s see, what to say about the ride, because there were so many freaking hills that I couldn’t possibly fish my phone out for a photo…  If we weren’t climbing a hill, we were descending from having just climbed one – for 105.9 miles.  We rocked it hard but by the time we hit 80 miles, one of our group was utterly smoked, another was just holding on, the pair on the tandem were solid but fading and I was off the front having a grand old time (though being very careful not to overcook myself so I didn’t end up just as smoked as my friend.  We hit a lot of varied gradients but nothing worse than 12% for any significant length of time so I was right in my happy zone.  To put this simply, I’ve never been so thankful for my baby ring (36t).  I used every bit of it.  In fact, I might give up calling it the “baby ring” because it bailed my butt out on several occasions.  I did manage to catch these which, while riding up this causeway, felt a whole lot like the Champs Elysee looked on TV

IMG_7541 IMG_7570

I think the best way to describe the ride, the perfect road surfaces, the scenery, the perfect weather, the magnificent houses and horse barns (and even a full-fledged castle), would be majestic.  It was, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve ever been on.

And the giant cherry on top was this:
IMG_7571 IMG_7572

283 miles in one week.  For those who can log 10,000 miles or more in a year, that may not be such a big deal.  For me (and my 6,000 mile years), it’s huge and it makes me smile…  So don’t harsh my mellow, bro.

After the ride, of course, we were absolutely smoked.  We took a shower, went to Chik-Fil-A for a small tide-me-over snack and then took a wonderful nap.  Then we headed downtown to check out the goings on and to have a huge dinner.  Tomorrow will be a ride with Mrs. Bgddy, somewhere between 30 and 40 miles and we’re going to take our time to enjoy the scenery before heading home.

The perfect cycling anniversary.  Perfection can be achieved…  Just not anticipated.  Or planned.



  1. Dan In Iowa says:

    I’m envious of that “baby” ring at times. I only have a double up front and my “baby” is a 44! 23 in the rear.

  2. Dan In Iowa says:

    Maybe it’s a 42…..I don’t remember now

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