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Representin’ at Day Two of the Horsey Hundred in Kentucky…  A Most Excellent Supported Ride


The Affable Hammers made our appearance at the Horsey Hundred, a long way from home.  More than 350 miles from our home to our hotel in Georgetown, Kentucky.  My buddy Mike, my wife and I collaborated and chose Sunday as the Kit day.  Sunday is the shorter of the two days and Mike wasn’t completely trusting of his kit for the longer 105 mile first day.

Saturday was my day to hammer with the group so the second day, I let them go and stayed with my wife for the shorter 34 mile route.  


It was a perfect day for a bike ride.  Traffic was fairly light and though the climbs were a lot tougher on Saturday, if you weren’t going up a hill, you were going down so again, photos were few and far between though I did manage a few on the gentler grades.  

Kentucky is a beautiful State for cycling and to be able to spend the morning riding with my hot wife was a true blessing.  It was, for me, the perfect blend of working hard enough to feel like it was “a workout” but going slow enough to enjoy the scenery and being in a different State on a fitness weekend vacation. 

One of the nicest stretches of road I’ve ever ridden

We took a little more than two hours to complete the ride, then we cruised around town for another couple of miles before stopping to have our picture taken at the finish line.  

We showered up in the gymnasium showers, ate lunch and hit the road and had the kids picked up before dinner time.

If you have the means to take a short weekend vacation on Memorial Day weekend, I can’t speak highly enough about the Horsey Hundred.  The support was amazing, lunch and/or dinner was included and good, the rest stops were plentiful and excellently stocked with cycling food (bananas, oranges, pb&j sammiches, Payday candy bars, Gatorade…  And if anything, they weren’t enough miles between the rest stops. 

For my wife and I, it was the perfect weekend Getaway.  Plenty of cycling, lots of hills (I finally got awesome at climbing – more on that later this week), great food and good times with friends, and that famous southern hospitality was just spectacular.

The only tough part about the ride, if I wanted to be a complainer, was that drafting in all of those hills was on and off.  We hung as a group, but for the most part, we were all on our own at the same time.  Even so, I had a fantastic time and will absolutely be making time in the schedule for that weekend in the future.  It was pure awesome on a bike.